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Your Post Breakup Solution through Alternative Apps

In this modern digital world, there are plenty of tools to help you navigate the difficult experience of a breakup. Whether it was a mutual decision or blindsided you, the aftermath can leave you feeling lost, anxious, and heartbroken. But don’t fret – there are many applications available in the market to make it easier for you to cope with these strong emotions and move forward. Rest assured that even the toughest of situations can be overcome with the right resources.

Moreover, feeling a lot of different yet tough emotions after a breakup can be really challenging. So, if you feel confused, sad, angry, and alone, it is normal. However, you have to go through these feelings to get better than trauma. Nevertheless, do not allow these feelings to take over.

Emotions and body require equal amount of attention during trying times. Hence, rely on your close ones for support. Take a good diet and exercise daily. Try to have conversations with loved ones, it can improve how you are feeling and empower you to think more clearly.

Apart from the above-mentioned things, try to make new connections. Though it would be difficult to make new connections, the emotional support of your family and friends and your good daily routine can help you with that. You will feel the certainty of protection.

What Are Anti-Dating Apps?

As per ExpressVPN’s research, anti-dating applications concentrate on the relationship. At the same time, these are not going to assist you in dating. According to them, anti-dating apps have two categories,

  • Post-breakup Support: Post-breakup support is perfect for those who are searching for an emotional healing place.
  • Platonic Bonds and Friendships: Platonic Bonds and Friendship are the apps that are ideal for those looking to make new connections after getting healed. These apps will let you build non-romantic relations on the basis of mutual hobbies, interests and more.

Following, we are providing you with a list of breakup apps that will help you deal with the breakup aftermath and be happy again.

1. No Contact Rule

No Contact is an app that helps keep you from contacting your ex. It’s made with positive messages and reminders about why talking to your ex can slow down the healing process. Think of it as a free, no-nonsense friend nudging you in the right direction!

2. Break-Up Boss

Break-Up Boss was created by relationship expert Zoë Foster Blake. This $5.99 app is like a supportive friend in difficult times. It’s an interactive self-help guide with advice, positive messages, and activities, such as simulating fake texts to your ex. The colourful illustrations by Mari Andrew add an extra boost to lift your mood.

3. Mend

Mend is an app that offers daily audio coaching sessions and individual exercises focused on enhancing your emotional health post-breakup. It lets you monitor your growth and connect with a user community for your own support. The app provides a subscription service with personalized coaching and comprehensive guides to help you navigate your way forward.

4. Rx Breakup

Rx Breakup is cost free app featuring a one-month healing program. It includes affirmations, journaling prompts to boost self-esteem, suggestions for contacting other people instead of your ex, and tracking your feelings about reaching out to your ex-partner.

The app also provides advice to support cutting off contact with your ex online. Each day unlocks a new goal, such as crafting a joyful music playlist or clearing reminders of your ex, offering an easy, step-by-step approach to reclaiming control in the initial month after a breakup.


The above-mentioned alternative apps provide a transformative track in order to regain your self-worth and connection in embracing post-breakup healing. These applications, including mindfulness application upbringing emotional strength and niche platforms promoting new friendships, permits individuals to overhaul and excel in the confines of the previous relationship. 


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