Getting CSGO Prime Accounts – Everything You Need To Know

Bringing together many things that gamers had been longing for, CSGO has easily made it to the top charts globally. Multiple challenging game modes put your skills to test while offering an immersive experience, thanks to the splendid game design. All-in-all, CSGO is one of those multiplayer games on which spending real money is absolutely worth it. Now, who wouldn’t love to get well-developed CSGO prime accounts at prices much cheaper than what they would actually cost via in-game purchases? This article will show you how you can get a good CSGO prime account at a nice price.

Benefits Of Getting CSGO Accounts With Prime Upgrades

Before you spend money on a game, it’s indeed crucial to weigh the benefits and see whether it would be a good investment. In case you are debating whether investing in CSGO Prime Accounts are worth it, let me help you out. Below are the perks that you would enjoy as a CSGO Prime user:

No/Few Hackers And Cheaters

Tired of being defeated repeatedly by hackers and players using cheats to win the game? This is almost a non-issue for Prime users. This is because Prime account holders match only against other CSGO Prime players. Now, players rarely risk using hacks and cheats on Prime accounts, for getting banned would cause them to lose an account they have spent real money on. This limits most cheaters to csgo non-prime accounts.

Trust Factor Matters

When it comes to multiplayer games, few things are more frustrating than your teammate going AFK and leaving you to fend for yourself. CSGO gives every player a trust factor rating based on their participation and reliability in matches. As long as you have a good record, the game will match you against other players with similar trust factor ratings.

Additional Features And Freebies

Of course, we can’t overlook the basic benefits offered directly to CSGO Prime users. Getting a Prime account will unlock features like XP, rank and competitive skill groups, which can’t be achieved otherwise. Moreover, as a Prime account holder, you will be eligible for weekly drops too. The game also has several items available exclusively to Prime users alone.

A More Serious Player Pool

If you’re a hardcore gamer committed to putting up your best performance, you’d likely prefer teammates with a similar mindset. Now, people usually invest in CSGO Prime only when they’re serious about the game. Getting a Prime account would therefore give you a much better pool of teammates and enemies who can make the game much more enjoyable for you.

Overall, investing in CSGO prime is worth it. Especially if you plan to keep playing the game for a long time in the future, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider getting Prime. It would save you from the hoards of cheaters and hackers, team you up with trustworthy players, and grant you access to new features and items.

How To Buy CSGO Prime Accounts At Low Prices?

Now, while CSGO Prime offers attractive perks and is certainly worth your money, a prime pass would cost you USD 14.99. Not everyone is willing to part with 15 dollars of their hard-earned money to unlock Prime on their CSGO account. Well, you don’t have to. Rather than purchasing Prime Pass, you can simply buy CSGO Prime accounts. Here’s how you can go about it:

  • Quite often, players who are done with a game decide to sell off their accounts. The same goes for CSGO too, many players put up their CSGO Prime accounts for sale.
  • You will have to look for such CSGO Prime account sellers. While the prices are always less than an original Prime pass, you can still compare different offers and pick the most affordable one.
  • Not sure how to find CSGO Prime accounts for sale? Check out the listings on the best CSGO account selling website This will enable you to choose from multiple accounts.
  • Once you find an account you like, go ahead and purchase it. Assuming that you have bought it from BuyaCSGO website that sells legit CSGO accounts, you should receive the login details immediately just after the payment.

You can start playing immediately once you get your CSGO Prime account. This is how you can get ready to play CSGO Prime account without spending 15 dollars on steam store. If you are willing to spend some more, then you can go for csgo high tier accounts and you will get a high wins, high trustfactor with medals, full of good weapons and skins.

How To Buy CSGO Accounts For Sale Safely?

One of the biggest issues in buying game accounts is the high chance of getting scammed. There’s no dearth of scammers trying to make some quick money by duping players into paying for an account they will never receive. This is a problem with almost any game where account selling is a thing, not just CSGO. When buying your CSGO account, you need to be very careful that you’re purchasing it from a legitimate seller. Here are a few tips on in this regard:

  • Don’t buy from any seller who seems shady and refuses to provide you with adequate information or proof regarding their account.
  • Avoid buying CSGO accounts that don’t come with its primary email, as the previous owner can easily revoke access.
  • It’s best to avoid buying directly from sellers altogether and purchase the account from a reputed website instead. This eliminates the chances of getting scammed entirely as long as you choose the right website. BuyaCSGO is the safest website for this, with 100% positive reviews and 24X7 Live chat support.

Now that you know how to safely buy a CSGO Prime account, why wait? We offer a wide range of CSGO Prime Accounts and Non-Prime accounts to choose from, at various price ranges. You’ll be receiving your account within seconds of making the payment, along with full steam access and email. In case there is an issue with the account, we’ll replace it immediately. Check out what fits your budget the best and get your Prime account today.

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