Gloria Serge Crocodile Full Video – Read Now!

This research on Gloria Serge Crocodile Full video will inform readers about the attack on Gloria Serge from an alligator.

Gloria Serge’s video was it worth your time? This video is currently trending across all online platforms. This was an extremely horrifying accident. Everyone was shocked to see it trending on all online sites in the Philippines as well as other countries. Gloria Serge Crocodile shows how a woman was attacked by an alligator. You can find all details about this incident here if you’re willing to read. Keep reading.

Alligator attack against Gloria Serge!

According to online sources, an attack by an alligator upon a woman is a popular trend worldwide. Some people mistakenly thought it was a Crocodile. But it was actually an alligator. The video shows Gloria Serge, a woman standing next to the lake with her dog, being attacked by an alligator. It was an unfortunate accident.

Gloria Serge Alligator Video Reddit!

According to online sources, Reddit’s video is receiving a lot of attention. This was a heartbreaking incident. Gloria Serge, a woman whose name we see walking along the shoreline with her dog. The woman was walking near the lake when suddenly an alligator approached and attempted to take her dog. The alligator tried to snatch the dog, but the woman managed to save her pet. The alligator dragged her into a lake. Carole Thomas, Gloria’s neighbor and eyewitness to the accident called 911 to report it. After a few minutes, she confirmed that her body was floating on the lake.

Gloria Serge Crocodile Full video: Reaction Of People

You could find the entire video on certain social media sites. It was however a disturbing video. Online, you can now access a section of the video. The alligator brutally attacked this 85-year-old woman. The authorities attempted to recover the body after it was found on the lake. Reddit and Twitter users shared detailed information about the video and shared it on their accounts. Some faint-hearted people might find the entire video disturbing.

What did Carole have to say about the accident?

Gloria Serge’s neighbor Carole Thomas is Carole Thomas. She was there at the time of the accident. Many sites shared her interview after Gloria Serge Alligator Video Reddit went viral. She stated that she tried to save Gloria, but it was too late. Gloria was taken away by the alligator.


We have wrapped up this post by educating our viewers about Gloria Ser who was attacked and killed by an alligator. We hope you found this article helpful.

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