Going to buy an ebike? Here’s our guide!

Every day it is more common to see electric bicycles in cities and on country routes. They are healthy and fun vehicles, perfect to move around the city effortlessly, for example, to go to work. The motor that they incorporate makes the pedal strokes acquire more power and the response of the bicycle is much better. This provides a safety plus for cyclists. In addition, they are exempt from registration and payment of insurance and circulation permits. Have you chosen an electric bike manufacturer to buy from? Keep reading!

Types of electric bikes

Within the category of electric bicycles of any online store we can find different types:

– Rigid MTB bikes: a mountain bike with a motor to make the tours more affordable and bearable.

– Full Suspension MTB Bikes: Full suspension provides very soft cushioning when riding. Great option for off-road riding.

– Touring bikes: they allow you to make very long trips and add safety and comfort elements such as lights, fenders, luggage rack …

– Hybrid bicycles: very versatile machines capable of traveling on all types of terrain.

– Other types: road bikes, trekking, folding …

How to choose the electric bike

If you are thinking of buying an electric bicycle, you should assess the following aspects.


To ride comfortably, you must get a bike that fits your size. 


The price of electric bicycles is higher than that of conventional bicycles. It is logical considering that an electric bike is basically a conventional bicycle to which an electric motor is added that provides great power to the vehicle. And the engines don’t exactly have the price of a saddle.

Taking that detail into account, you should also know that there is a price range. If money is not a problem for you, then you will have wide sleeves to choose the model that you like the most or that seems more in line with what you are looking for. On the contrary, and this is what usually happens to ordinary mortals, if you have a limited budget, you should prioritize what aspects seem most important to you so that they are covered with your budget. Buy electric road bikes for sale from trusted companies. Today there are many traders who wholesale electric bikes and usually they sell cheaper than the market price.


Today’s bicycle batteries can be lead or lithium. Ideally, buy a lithium battery that has a much longer life than lead. In addition, it can be charged at any time, there is no need to wait for the battery to discharge completely. As if that were not enough, they are much more efficient, since they obtain more power with a smaller weight and a smaller size.

Battery life

The more watts per hour (wh) it has, the greater its autonomy. It will also depend, of course, on the weight of the cyclist and the type of terrain on which they travel. The demand that a battery is subjected to is not the same if we have to go up a hill, as if we have to go down it. To get an idea, rounding up, we can establish that a charge cycle of a 400 wh battery gives about 80-100 kilometers. Over time the batteries degrade until they end up being useless and must be replaced. In general, firms offer a 2-year guarantee. The warranty period is another factor that you should consider in your selection.

Recharge cycles

Find out the number of engine recharge cycles. Depending on the watts of the motor and its number of cycles, the number of total kilometers that you will be able to do will vary. How many kilometers do you plan to do on your bike?

Motor location

The motor located in the rear wheel unbalances the weight of the bike and makes it less stable, in addition, if the battery runs out, it becomes very hard to pedal due to the weight. Motors mounted on the front wheels tend to be underpowered, although they are usually cheap and are much easier to install. Their location means that the bike does not pull well, so they are not recommended for MTB bikes. The other option is the central location, on the bottom bracket of the bike. Possibly the best option. The motor is located in the center of gravity of the bike so it balances the weight and transmits a lot of force when pedaling. They are usually high-end engines and you have to pay for that.

After all, what do you want the bike for?

You must be clear about what use you are going to give the bike. Or at least what will be its main use. Your final decision really depends on what your electric bike is used for. Ask yourself and you will get the answer! Are you now ready to buy an electric bicycle?

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