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As the summer arrives, top of the list of chores for car owners is to make sure their vehicle is looking in excellent condition. 

Perhaps you want to wash the car yourself this time, rather than paying a professional to do it.

Here we will examine the best ways you can provide a wonderful wash for your car and have onlookers thinking that you took it to a car care centre.

Preparation for washing your car

If you want the best results, it’s not a quick job to wash your car yourself. You must dedicate enough time to getting the job done – don’t rush it!

Firstly, let’s go over some basics. It would be wise to empty your pockets of any heavy objects that might bang against the car’s external surface. As well as this, avoid wearing clothes with exposed zippers or chains and temporarily remove any rings, necklaces, watches etc.

Next, gather the equipment you’ll be using. Before beginning, you must make sure that all your washing equipment is clean. Using dirty cloths, for example, would make your efforts redundant.

The better the cleaning products you use, the more thorough the clean your car will receive. Therefore, we’d always recommend a superior product like GWash for dirt removal

Using a low quality formula or a liquid that wasn’t designed to clean cars risks the paintwork of your vehicle.

The same applies to your wash mitts and microfibre towels. Using a high quality product ensures that your car receives a good clean and there are no nasty swirl marks left on the vehicle.

Finally, avoid cleaning your car directly in sunlight. The reason for this is that the car will dry too quickly before the applied formula has had enough time to work sufficiently on the surface. Cleaning in a shaded area is advised.

Performing the wash

Now we can begin the car wash. Initially, hose away the dirt on the surface that is easier to remove with an appropriate pressure, beginning with the top of the body, then the bottom, then the wheels.

When it comes to applying the dirt removal formula, however, it’s suggested that you begin with the wheels. Your rims and wheel’s arches are probably going to be the dirtiest part of your car so you’ll want to clean those first so that none of that dirt splashes onto the surface of your car once the body is clean. Use a brush for the wheels to get the job done properly.

While wearing gloves, you can now proceed with the body. Use a sponge or microfibre cloth for best results. You’ll want to start from the roof of the vehicle so that no streaks run down and ruin your wash as you make your way down. 

We recommend you use two buckets: one with your wash formula mixed with warm water and another with just water. The second bucket is so you can rinse the dirt off your sponge or cloth to avoid introducing dirt into the bucket with the formula, ensuring your car receives an optimal clean.

Your car should be looking almost shimmering and spotless by now. To finish the job, grab two clean and dry microfibre or chamois cloths (avoid regular towels at all costs – you don’t want to scratch your vehicle!) and wipe away the water stains with the first cloth.

The second cloth is to then go over the vehicle again once the water stains are gone, just to make sure the car is dry and free of any remaining formulas.

Voilà! The wash is complete. Should you decide to, you can continue with caring for your car by polishing it, see our website for more information on this and every other topic to do with your car.

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