Intratone – The security must-haves for those working from home

Thankfully, most of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are behind us, but there are still some aspects that have remained in our lives; it looks as if working from home is here to stay for many people up and down the country.

Considering how many people will be home during the daytime and the potentially sensitive corporate information that will be stored in people’s homes, a sufficient amount of security is needed.

It’s in the interest of employees and employers alike for strong home security for workers; this article will look at what can be done to stay secure.

What to consider for security when working from home

You will want to stay in control of who you let into your home, or building if you live in a building of flats, for instance. To do this, and to save you from going to the main building door every time, consider installing an intercom system. This allows a dialogue between you and the person at your door so that you can learn who it is and why they’re looking for you.

The intercoms which are available from Intratone can be wirelessly installed and are a time-saver. Their simple functionality reassures resident workers of the nature of the person’s visit.

Then there is remote property management that can be linked to your intercom system. For the times when you’ve popped out, remote management of your home by an external property manager acts as great reassurance when you have work material at home. 

Understandably, being concerned about the technology you might have on your property is fair because of the value of it, but you can consider remote property management as round-the-clock surveillance. Virtual and online security is one thing, but physical security should be a vital consideration.

Remaining focused at work while your home stays secure

The last thing you want when working from home is endless distractions like needing to let people in all the time. Why not have a key safe or key cabinet installed on the outside of your property so that others you’ve granted entry to have access to your property? This means you can stay on top of your tasks.

Remote management of your property can still go on while you’re hard at work. Knowing that your property manager will have an eye on the surroundings of your building offers wonderful peace of mind when you’re going about your professional life.

Another thing to take off your mind is that if a key fob is lost, the remote manager can deactivate the old key fob so that it can no longer work on your door, and activate a new one for you. There is no longer a need to visit the key cutter during work hours!

Staying on top of your home security is crucial, especially if it’s also your place of work. Explore Intratone’s website for all the best security and property management tips.

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