Has Josie Gibson Left This Morning? All the Details You Need to Know!

Who is Josie Gibson?

Josephine Diane Shirley Gibson, commonly known as Josie Gibson, was born on January 24, 1985. English television personality Amanda Holden saw her career soar to new heights in 2010 when she won Big Brother 11 with 77% of public votes cast, setting a new record in show history. Beyond Big Brother, Josie’s pursuits encompassed hosting stints on OK! TV and various other television appearances.

Why did Josie Gibson leave “This Morning”?

Josie Gibson’s sudden exit from “This Morning” was primarily due to her immediate commitment to another ITV show, “Loose Women”. Her departure from the morning slot came as a surprise, especially since she had just hinted at introducing a new co-host the following week. She swiftly transitioned to her appearance on the midday show, leaving audiences curious and eager to hear her announcement.

How did Josie Gibson’s career evolve post-Big Brother?

After winning Big Brother, Josie’s career trajectory saw consistent growth. Her relationship with fellow contestant John James Parton led to a brief reality show, providing fans an inside look into their life. However, the duo’s relationship concluded in 2011. Josie later delved into diverse ventures including launching her perfume ‘Josie’, modeling, and contributing as a reporter for Channel 5’s OK! TV. Her adaptability was evident when she transitioned from reality TV to presenting roles on “This Morning.”

What roles did Josie Gibson assume on “This Morning”?

Starting her journey on “This Morning” in 2019, Josie Gibson initially served as a competition announcer. Her competence soon saw her stepping into larger shoes, covering for Holly Willoughby in 2021. Due to her impeccable skill set, she was chosen for holiday cover presenter roles on the series. By 2023, after Phillip Schofield’s departure, Josie was co-presenting alongside Holly Willoughby, further consolidating her presence on the show.

Where else has Josie Gibson been recently spotted?

Post her stint on “This Morning”, Josie Gibson was spotted at Camp Bestival, as per her Instagram updates. Trading the familiar confines of a television studio for the exhilarating ambiance of a music festival, she exhibited her desire to explore new horizons. Additionally, in October 2022, she graced the screens on “The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice”, showcasing her versatility beyond the realm of reality TV and presenting.

In summary, Josie Gibson’s journey in the entertainment industry, marked by her adaptability and dynamic presence, continues to captivate audiences and remains a testament to her multifaceted talents.

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