Is Troy Aikman Married? Know All the Details Here!

Who is Troy Aikman?

Troy Kenneth Aikman, born on November 21, 1966, carved an indelible niche in American sports history. Celebrated for his quarterbacking skills, he played an illustrious 12-season career with the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL. Aikman’s college football journey began at Oklahoma, later transitioning to UCLA, where he received the Davey O’Brien Award in his senior year. His notable achievements in the NFL include six Pro Bowl selections and three Super Bowl wins, with one MVP award for Super Bowl XXVII. His exemplary contributions ushered him into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2006 and the College Football Hall of Fame in 2008. Post-retirement, Aikman showcased his analytical acumen, serving as a sports commentator, firstly for NFL on Fox and subsequently for Monday Night Football.

Is Troy Aikman Married?

Twice-married Aikman first tied the knot with Rhonda Worthey, a former Cowboys publicist, on April 8, 2000. Unfortunately, they parted ways in 2011. Aikman’s romantic journey continued, leading him to Catherine Mooty, a high-end fashion retailer. They announced their engagement via Instagram in 2017, with Aikman referring to Catherine as his life’s love. However, this marital chapter also ended in divorce, with news of their separation emerging around the time Aikman was spotted vacationing with a new partner.

What is Troy Aikman’s Net Worth?

In 2023, Troy Aikman boasts an impressive net worth estimated at $65 million. His wealth stems from his formidable football career, notably with the Dallas Cowboys, and his ventures beyond the gridiron. Serving as an NFL on Fox color commentator from 2001 to 2021 significantly bolstered his earnings. Additionally, Aikman’s investments, including co-ownership in NASCAR’s Hall of Fame Racing and a stake in MLB’s San Diego Padres, further enriched his financial portfolio.

How Old is Troy Aikman?

Born in 1966, Troy Aikman, as of 2023, is 56 years old. Over more than five decades, Aikman has traversed diverse terrains, from the football field to the broadcasting booth. His age encapsulates the wisdom accrued from years of sports excellence, triumphs, and tribulations. With age, Aikman’s influence has not waned but morphed, transitioning from an elite quarterback to a respected sports analyst and entrepreneur.

What’s on Troy Aikman’s Instagram?

On Instagram, Troy Aikman offers a window into his multifaceted world under the handle “troyaikman.” With a follower count exceeding 398K, Aikman’s feed blends snapshots of his legendary football career, his interactions with fellow athletes, and personal milestones. The platform also highlights his commitment to community and charitable causes. Beyond the allure of celebrity, Aikman’s Instagram fosters genuine engagement, underscoring his lasting impact in and out of football.

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