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‘Helstrom’, Canceled: The Last Series Of Marvel Television Will Not Have Season 2

Helstrom ‘ was released last October as a rarity for all that it involved. On the one hand, that approach to the genre of the supernatural and terror with a series with much darker tints than usual. And, on a business level, being a series made by an endangered Marvel Television before Marvel Studios’ commitment to the Disney + series .

So the cancellation of the series, originally from Hulu and without a home in Spain , was more than a consequence of bad reviews or lukewarm reception, simply a process that means the dismissal of Jeph Loeb after a decade as the head of the department.

Throughout ten episodes, ‘Helstrom’ follows the story of two brothers, Daimon and Ana (Tom Austen and Sydney Lemmon), children of a powerful serial killer, who decide to use their skills and knowledge to fight and stop the worst of The humanity. Paul Zbyszewski was in charge of the series script.

Goodbye Marvel Television

Although the movement to cancel the series was quite logical, both for reception and business reasons, looking at the list of future series from Marvel Studios it is a pity that we will not find the variety of genres and tones that Marvel Television has offered us since the premiere of ‘Agents of SHIELD’, a series that also said goodbye this year.

Because throughout these past seven years we have had such different and suggestive bets as ‘ Legion ‘, teenage dramas like ‘Runaways’ and, of course, the more ‘adult’ vision of superheroes with ‘ Daredevil ‘ and company. Although the noise was made by the movies, some of these series have been among the most outstanding of the time, something that I do not know if it will happen with future ones.

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