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Memories of Idhun Season 3: Release Date, Episodes, Trailer And All Latest Information Here!!

The second season of “ Memories of Idhún ” premiered on Netflix just on Friday, January 8, 2021, but fans of Spanish anime are already asking about a third installment of the fiction based on the homonymous literary trilogy by Laura Gallego, who co-developed it and he co-wrote with Andrés Carrión.

In the first five episodes of the series, Ashran the Necromancer was left with the power of the three suns and the three moons and began the reign of the winged serpents. The first battle for Idhun’s freedom was fought on Earth, where Jack and Victoria fought to stop Kirtash, the assassin Ashran sent to annihilate the Idhunites who escaped his tyranny.

However, although ignored at the time, Jack and Victoria were part of a prophecy that will intertwine their destinies in a love-hate plot that sparked duels to the death and forged unusual alliances.

While in the second part of ” Memories of Idhún “, the Resistance continues alive, while Jack and Victoria take up arms and discover, little by little, their true identities and what they mean for the future of Idhún. So will there be a third season?

Will “Idhun Memories” Have Season 3?

The answer is NO. Although it seemed early for Netflix to make an announcement about the future of anime that adapts the juvenile fantasy novels of the same name and the last chapter of this installment foreshadowed that the story could continue in the third season, it will not be so.

” Memories of Idhún ” became the first Netflix cancellation in 2021. The news was confirmed by Laura Gallego, author of the literary saga through her Twitter account with the following message:

” That’s right . The rights to adapt the first book were transferred but an agreement has not been reached for the following books in the series, we are sorry ”.

The first two seasons of ” Memories of Idhún ” adapted almost entirely the book, ‘La Resistencia’, therefore, the third installment should focus on the second book, entitled ‘Tríada’.

Previously creator Laura Gallego, who also wrote the trilogy of books on which the show is based, suggested that this is not the end of her project. In a post about the season 2 premiere he wrote: “I have other things in store for 2021 that I will tell you when the time comes.” However, there will be no third season.

When Will Season 3 Of “Memorias De Idhun” Release?

If Netflix renews ” Memories of Idhún ” for a third season, it is most likely that the new episodes will premiere on the streaming platform in early 2022.

Episodes Of Season 2 Of “Memorias De Idhun”

  1. Reunions . When Jack finds him, Alsan / Alexander interprets it as a sign that the Resistance must be revived, but issues remain between Victoria and Kirtash.
  2. Secrets . Caught between duty and love, Kirtash tries to find a balance and reveals his true nature to Victoria and to Jack, whom he is determined to kill.
  3. Its true nature . An epic duel, both on the battlefield and in Victoria’s heart, pits Jack and Kirtash against the future of Idhún.
  4. The eye of the serpent . Ashran, the Necromancer, sends Gerde to Earth, forcing Victoria, Jack, and Alexander to fight for their lives. Victoria’s grandmother reveals a secret.
  5. The light of Victoria . The unexpected return of a friend helps Jack understand his true self and the destiny he shares with Victoria.

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