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Hidden costs of purchasing a house

Homeownership has become an achievable dream through low-interest mortgages and increasing rent prices. More and more young people are now interested in purchasing their own house. Having your own house gives you financial security and the promise of a more stable future. It increases a person’s equity and makes it easier for them to get loans. While the benefits of owning your own house cannot be denied, there are several hidden costs involved that are not highlighted enough. Here are some of the most common hidden costs that the buyer does not consider. Buy residential plots inBlue World City.

Property taxes

Most governments all around the world require homeowners to pay property taxes. The charged amount does not depend on the bank but is set by the local or federal authorities. An ad valorem property tax is determined by the value of your property and can go up to around $1000 a month. Generally, the property tax is around 1.1% of the total value of the property; however, in some states, it is as low as 0.4% and can go as high as 2.2%.

Condo and HOA fees

If the property exists in a homeowner’s association or a condominium association, you will have to pay monthly fees to the administration. The money will be used to fund services such as garbage collection or park maintenance to benefit the entire neighborhood. However, when you choose to live in a condominium. It is imperative to ask what is the coverage for a condo master insurance so you would know how much you need to spend monthly aside from paying for your condo unit, as it will help you manage your finances and budgeting in the future. On the other hand, homeowner’s association fee generally increases with time, and extra charges may also be applied to fund special projects such as building a new garage or common area.


A homeowner’s association does not exactly qualify as a hidden cost. The lenders require it before they approve you for a loan, and the premiums are included in your mortgage payments. However, it is a cost that is often ignored by homebuyers until its time to pay the insurance fee. In most cases, home insurance fees and property taxes are paid from the escrow account, a third-party account set by the buyer and the seller. The premium charged tends to rise each year as inflation rises or may arise due to an appreciation in the property’s value. It is important to note that the insurance does not cover all damages, which is a horrifying surprise to many home buyers. Generally, damages caused by acts of God, which is a term used to define natural disasters, are not compensated for. So if your property gets damaged by floods, hurricanes, or an earthquake, you will have to bear the costs, and the insurance company will provide no funds.Also invest in Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

Even if the house comes with heating and air cooling machinery, you will have to replace it after some time due to wear and tear. As a homeowner, you must carry out regular inspections on your machines and air conditioning system. This is extremely vital as problems in the system won’t only affect the performance of the appliances but will also increase the electricity bill. While this is a necessary step, it is an added cost of homeownership. Several companies offer discounted services and maintenance plans that help reduce inspection costs.


Your house’s landscape determines the outlook of its exterior and holds significant importance. However, landscaping is not done by the home builders and will have to be done and paid for by the homeowners. Landscaping is not a one-time cost; you will have to hire a professional or look over the landscaping yourself as a homeowner. Equipment needed for landscaping is very expensive, without which landscaping cannot be done.


All the above costs are involved with homeownership, along with several others. However, despite all the costs, homeownership has turned out beneficial for individuals most of the time. Owning a house gives you financial security and helps you increase your wealth. Buy properties in Lahore Smart City.

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