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Are you interested in knowing what the public thinks about an upcoming NFT? If so, then you should adhere to this article as it provides the relevant details on the NFT.

The NFTs are gaining more attention from countries such as Canada, the United StatesCanada and Canada, and the United Kingdom, which is causing its value to rise. Additionally there are many NFTs that have been displaying fraud these days, this makes it challenging for investors to select the right platform. But, in this article we’ll help our readers gain a thorough information about the Hitpiece NFT.

Portraying The NFT

As we have conducted our investigation, we’ve discovered that the official website of Hitpiece isn’t working as of now and we’ve taken the information from reliable sources. Additionally, reports revealed at the fact that Hitpiece advertises that they sell unique and uncommon NFTs for every audio recording. They also added that by creating a “Hitlist” through this platform, people can achieve higher rankings and collect royalty payments.

We have noticed that 871 NFTs have been listed on the portal in order to draw attention of the public. Therefore, we will identify the person who developed that platform and why in the next section.

Owner Of Hitpiece NFT

Based on the sources we’ve learned it is believed that Rory Felton and Michael Berrin are the co-founders of HitPiece. Additionally, the company is financially run through Blake Modersitzki. Let’s look at some of the benefits offered by HitPiece.

Desirable Offers

  • Tokenizing RoyaltiesThe platform is working to develop solutions for tokenizing various royalty platforms, which will help both the musician as well as their fans.
  • Linking Audience and Artists:HitPiece will implement improved technology that will allow artists to speak directly to holders. Yet, HitPiece has also mentioned that it is planning to announce additional opportunities to join in the near future.
  • Supporting Music Hitpiece NFT hopes to raise the level of the music industry beyond what it is today by offering artists a revenue for their music.

Why Is It Streaming Online?

Today, on the Internet users are posting comments on this NFT across various social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, etc. But our research revealed more negative comments about this NFT. Why is this? We’ll find out the complete public opinion in the comments below.

How Are Users Responding?

A number of well-known artists have said negative reviews about the NFT because it is selling their NFT without permission from them. Furthermore, many users have marked their Hitpiece Network as a fraud via their respective social networks. Similar to this, many users have suggested the NFT’s suspicious activity on a discussion site.

In addition, on Instagram the clients suggested publishing stolen art work without permission of the creator. However, some users have replied to this NFT to stop others from doing the same. However, HitPiece denied the statements and demanded that users forward them a DM.

The Final Words

This piece analyzed a popular NFT that raised a lot of negative feedback from customers through social platforms and a discussion site. Additionally, the article contains useful information on Hitpiece NFT features that have enticed several users.

At the time of this writing, the NFT’s website was not working We have cited information from online sources. So, we do not have the authority to make a statement on this subject.

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