Hotel or vacation rental: advantages and disadvantages

When it’s time to prepare for vacations, many ideas come up, always with a clear objective: relax and enjoy. Sometimes, it is accompanied by the family and, on other occasions, as a couple or with friends. But a reflection is always generated: what is better? To book cheap hotel rooms in Ikeja, Lagos or short let rental apartments in Ikoyi, Lagos? 

The situation of each family and the type of trip to be made will determine the most appropriate style of accommodation. To clarify these doubts, we discuss both accommodations’ advantages and disadvantages.

Vacation Rentals


  • Eating at home is an excellent advantage for many, as is having breakfast and dinner. The vacation rental homes in Ikoyi, Lagos allow you to eat out when you want and do it at home whenever you feel like it. There is a full kitchen to cook, so it offers great autonomy.
  • When reserving a villa, you are paying for the accommodation, not the meals that must be made. Having a complete house with all the services is vital to be able to save in this sense, especially if a large number of people travel.
  • Pets are welcome. For families with pets, vacation rentals flat in Ikoyi, Lagos have become the only way to travel on vacation since there is a greater variety of luxury villas that allow access to pets than in the case of hotels.
  • Space is something that tourists greatly value. When choosing the type of vacation rental, you can select everything you want, such as outdoor spaces, gardens, pools, terraces, etc.


  • Cleaning is the responsibility of the renter. That the different spaces are clean and tidy is the task of the renter. And who wants to do it on vacation? Even so, there are dream options available on Plistbooking.com, which combines all the advantages of an apartment and a hotel and offers, for example, weekly cleaning.
  • There are possible inconveniences with the neighborhood that is not known at all. Noises or late-night parties that were not expected can be found.
  • They do not usually offer all the toiletries and accommodation kits offered by hotels, such as gel, shampoo, towels, kitchenware, etc. Some do, but everything should be checked in advance to avoid unnecessary surprises.
  • Checking in and out with the homeowner can be a disadvantage, depending on how you view it.

Travel to a hotel


  • Staff is available to the traveler for everything that is needed. Rest and relaxation are guaranteed. Whoever travels to a hotel completely ignores the tasks of cleaning, ordering, or managing a house.
  • Needed information. You can request all the information about the place, plans, routes, and experiences to enjoy.
  • If you have a meal plan, you will not have to worry about anything, just arriving at the dining room at the stipulated hours and enjoying the gastronomy.
  • The hotels have everything you need to take a shower as well as to sleep. Gel, shampoo, towels, sheets, etc. And you can request anything else you need at reception.
  • Problem-solving is another of the great advantages because for any unforeseen event, you have to notify reception, and they will solve it as soon as possible.
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  • Small space. No matter how spacious the room is, it is still a room with a private bathroom.
  • Parking is not secured. Traveling to a hotel in the middle of the city like Lagos or Abuja can bring significant parking problems since many do not have parking. If they do, it is usually not included in the room rate.
  • It is impossible to cook unless it is an aparthotel with a kitchenette, so you have to reserve the meal plan, adapt to the schedule, or eat out.
  • Lack of privacy, since the rooms are located next to each other. Sometimes you can hear the couple next door talking and even snoring.
  • Traveling in a group to a hotel is an impossible task to accomplish. The rooms are usually double or triple; at most, an extra bed can be added. And reserving multiple rooms can be very expensive.
  • They are not usually pet friendly, so if you are traveling with one or more pets, you should give up the idea of ​​​​booking a hotel. Very few accept pets; however, you also have to consider whether the pet can live that number of days in such a small space.


At Plistbooking.com, you can book cheap hotel rooms in Ikeja, Lagos or book short-let apartments in Lekki, Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Ikeja, Ibadan, Abuja, depending on your choice. We offer both services to ease your vacation and give you an eventful experience throughout your stay in Nigeria.

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