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How Brands used Bitmoji and Meme marketing on Diwali 2021

Have you ever thought about including memes and bitmojis in the marketing of your products? Well, it’s 2021 and you need to think about it if you haven’t already. It is the time we include the magical elements into our brand awareness. Magical element is nothing but bitmojis and memes.

So, what do you understand about meme marketing? Have you ever made a meme? Memes are evolving everyday in social media platforms and this has become the mode of conversation. Nowadays memes are making people interested in day-to-day activities all around the world as well.

These memes are about politics, opinions, news movies, relatable content, and day to day life of people. There are many more elements that the internet today is providing in a form of entertaining element.

This is the reason why brands are now thinking of coming up with new ideas about posting viral meme trends. It is making people laugh while also promoting their products and services. After posting a grill or a meme as a post they add their brand taglines in order to reach the masses.

Meme marketing is an art, believe it or not, because it is a big package of any type of narrative in the form of memes. It is also increasing the popularity of the meme community all over the internet. From winning the hearts of people through creativity and a lot of relatable content for the users.

There are so many brands out there adopting memes and bitmojis in their brand awareness.

Infact, even this Diwali there were so many brands out there who have included memes and bitmojis in their marketing campaigns

They have shared messages with a relative content people look for while scrolling social media all the time. Let’s have a look at them and see how creative they are-

Amazon Prime- to bring a smile on the audiences’ faces Amazon Prime made a few memes that were related to Diwali. It included various terms and elements that are used during the festival such as the diyas, thali, firecrackers, sweets, Puja and so on. 

They also made use of the stills from the movies and series that has been uploaded on their streaming platform and used them as memes so that a large number of audience could relate to them.

Nykaa- the famous brand, Nykaa also nailed the game of marketing through memes showcasing the festive mood of people of India. It was all about how people are on the day of Diwali and how they are after Diwali.

This comparison of during and after Diwali won the hearts of a lot of people. Lot of people commented about their experience before and after Diwali and this was a complete win for Nykaa.

Zomato- Zomato posted a lot of memes related to the movies and series with a meme related to Indian sweets. They named this post as “kuch meetha ho jaye”. They used memes related to sweets such as kaju katli, soan papdi, dry fruits, gulab jamun, and so on.

This was done in collaboration with Amazon Prime. People also applauded for their marketing skills that are related to meme content.

Netflix India- Netflix does this all the time by promoting their movies and series using memes. They keep their audience entertained all the time with their creative ideas of promoting movies and series. They transformed firecrackers with the characters of their movies and series and gave each firecracker a name. 

The character that matches the Vibe with that firecracker was featured there. This created a lot of engagement on the comment section of Netflix. The audience suggested more and more characters that could be there on their post and thus, bringing a lot of audience from various other platforms to watch these movies.

Snapchat– the famous application Snapchat brought bitmojis into limelight by bringing a lot of Diwali bitmojis for people to share online with their close ones. This bitmojis was so creative that people couldn’t stop themselves from including them along with their diwali snaps to send to other people. The bitmojis are the new trend and soon they will take over the marketing as well.

These were some of the brands that used me marketing as well as bitmojis to market their products and services on the social media platform and brought engagement into light. So, what have you thought about your brand?

You must be watching memes online, but have you ever thought of using them to market your products and services? If not yet, then do it now because this is the time of meme trends and one should know how to nail the game of memes. 

Bring your naughty side on and get your team ready with lots of memes and bitmojis to rock your brand awareness campaigns. Always remember to make them relatable for your target audience, otherwise it will never work as a mode of targeting your audience.

The festive season is still on, and it will be until December 31st. Do not forget to include some masala into your posts and blogs.

Happy Festive Season peeps! We hope you get as creative as you can be and make the best out of it.

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