How can HRMS make Employee Life Simple at Work?

HRMS is developing on a large scale, becoming more complex and integral than ever before. The right HRMS software helps to enhance the employee lifecycle and employee experience. It does everything from managing employee databases to organising events with utmost perfection. All the features make it obvious to invest in HR management software to make HR processes and employee life as seamless as possible.

With the growing size of the companies, the tasks and functions are also increasing for employees. You don’t have to worry because now our smart HRMS software is here to help you every step of the way.

If you want to transform your company and make your employees’ lives easier, this blog is for you. uKnowva will help you to discover the basics of HRMS and its benefits and make your company efficient and productive in no time.

Understanding HRMS Software Importance In India

HR management software greatly impacts employee life at work in India. It has made accessibility to company resources safer, faster, and more effective. It helps to make employees self-reliant, knows their work status and attendance record, and makes leave applications easy to apply. It works as a bridge between the HR manager and employees. Areas where HRMS helps to increase employee experience:

  • Payroll management
  • Saving and storing information
  • Attendance record
  • Analysing logistics
  • Help in making people-centric decisions

Why Is It Important in the Employee Lifecycle?

Investing in a new HRMS is needed for a good employee life cycle. It is one of the most crucial business decisions taken in favour of employees. It is easy to implement and fits your existing business model like no one else. It makes working hours easier and office life interesting for employees. Listed below are some of the advantages that HRMS software provides to employees:

  • It keeps a safe record of employees’ personal information.
  • It inspires self-reliant employees with self-service capabilities.
  • It structures your workforce, defines workplace hierarchy, and aligns payroll to the human resources’ budget with unified analysis, reporting, and compliance actions.
  • It automates manual tasks and processes to lessen the time spent on paperwork.
  • It helps retain top talent, boost employee engagement, and promote transparency by refining staff performance levels and employee experience.
  • It enables the smooth functioning of an organisation. It ensures the smooth functioning of managers and employees with minimal disruptions.

Benefits provided by HRMS to improve Employee Lifecycle

1. Offers privacy and data security

Employees feel most safe where their data is safe and secure. So, investing in HRMS is an essential step as it helps ensure employee data protection. In a company, HR is responsible for preventing the employee’s data from being leaked to some outside source.

In this journey, a good human resource management system helps and guides you in the best way possible. It encrypts the data of employees so that unauthorised access can’t use the official data. 

In the HRMS, a payroll management feature offers a secure way to process payroll by securing all kinds of data with high-quality password authorisation.

2. Employee performance management

Employees are very much confused regarding their performance, especially in the initial phase of their jobs. The fear of losing their jobs due to their poor or not-up-to-the-mark performance haunts them at every stage. This becomes common as managers generally monitor the employee’s performance the whole year and give feedback only once every year. This restricted employees from improving themselves and their work. 

On the contrary, good performers have to wait the entire year to get praised. Thus, HRMS enables employers and managers to provide 360-degree feedback simultaneously. This makes performance management faster, more efficient, robust, and result-oriented.

Through HRMS, employees get daily feedback and get praised monthly. uKnowva has the feature of praising the best employees, which motivates others as the best employee’s name gets highlighted on the dashboard. It helps in improving the efficiency and productivity of the employees. They do not have a fear of losing their jobs when they are getting timely appreciation and appraisal.

Smarter HRMS also helps to normalise the performance evaluation before rolling out the balanced scorecard. It shows how many employees are top-performing, average-performing, and how many are outliers or outstanding in their work commitments. These automatic calculations save hundreds, if not thousands, of manual labour hours initially put in by the HR employees. 

3. Attendance and time management

Most of the time, employees get consumed in sending emails to HR for their daily attendance or for applying for leave. The regularity and commitment of employees play a vital role in the company’s success. 

Thus, solving this time-consuming work becomes essential for employee commitment. An innovative HRMS holds an efficient Attendance Tracking System, which helps employees to mark their daily attendance and apply for leave just a click away. It makes the log-in and log-out process as short as a single click, and the application for leave also doesn’t need formal emails.

The approval and rejection of leaves is also displayed in a different section of the HRMS so that you might not miss them. Your HR manager also gets your leave message as a flash message that can’t be ignored and answers your request as needed.


A good HRMS helps every person at every level of the company, be it managers, HR administrators, employers, and employees. The most impactful effect it has is on the life of employees. It helps in various ways to make the employee lifecycle as simple as possible by making so much work automated. uKnowva HRMS is widely used in India, by different well-known companies. You can also try it out to make your staff’s life easy at work as the market is changing at high speed.

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