How to Avoid Excess Baggage Fees on Lufthansa Airlines

Gone are the days when your checked baggage allowance and seat upgrade charges were included in the airfare. But due to the proliferation of low-cost carriers, airlines such as Lufthansa are now charging additional fees for checked bags. You will be happier to know that you can have various ways to avoid baggage fees. Yes, you must read and understand the Lufthansa baggage policy at least once to know the charges, rules, etc. 

For other aspects, this article post is here. So, keep scrolling to know the ways that you can follow to avoid excess baggage fees while traveling with Lufthansa Airlines. Without further delays, let us get started! 

Tips to Pack Bags Smartly to Keep Away Excess Baggage Fees

Pack your bags smartly – this is the only way to avoid excess baggage fees. For this, the following tips will help you better:

  • Pack Capsule wardrobes

Well, the capsule wardrobes are nothing but collections of different classic items. These are the items that can easily be “mixed & matched”. For instance, you can wear the same jeans with 2-3 different tops. Based on the trip’s length, you can keep capsule wardrobes to avoid carrying extra bags. 

  • Do Not Pack Liquid and Toiletries

Since these items can be purchased at the travel destination, there is no need to give them extra room in the bag. Instead of keeping these items, you can pack other essentials i.e. an extra pair of dresses or other such things. 

  • Always Keep a Check on Your Bags

Many people pack items without thinking that they will need to pay an extra amount. When it comes to the Lufthansa baggage policy, you will be allowed to bring a limited number of bags within the size and weight limits. So, before you pack anything randomly, keep the maximum limits in your mind to avoid unnecessary expenses.

  • Let Your Kids Carry their Own Bags

When you think that packing kids’ stuff in your bag will save you from the baggage allowance, you are wrong. It is because you may end up having more weight than the limits. As a result, you will be paying more at the airport. 

Instead, if your kid is big enough or traveling as a ticketed passenger, it is good to let them carry their bags separately. It is because Lufthansa Airlines allows a free carry-on bag for every passenger.

  • Always Get Single-Use or Sample-Size Containers

In case you are precise or have medicated shampoos, face wash, and so on to use, it is good to keep them in a single-use or sample-size container. By doing so, you can make more room for other items in the bag.

  • Roll Your Clothes While Packing or Use Clothes Packing Cubes

This is undeniably the best way to pack smartly as it will not occupy more space and keep your clothes wrinkle-free. You can squeeze small rolls of clothes to pack them without any hassle. Besides, you can use the clothes packing cubes available in the market to organize your bag in a better way.

  • Wear Multiple Items

Given that you are traveling to or from a cooler country, then you can make more room by wearing multiple layers of clothes. But while doing so, make sure you wear the items that you will require during the trip. Wearing unwanted or inappropriate clothes will only increase your inconvenience and nothing else.

  • Get an Approved Bag

The most common mistake that people make is – they pick any random bag without checking the airline’s regulations. While traveling with Lufthansa Airlines, you need to pick the right type of travel bag. The bag should not be too heavy (when it is empty) or too big in size. It must meet the airline’s dimension rules.

What is Next?

While packing bags, you should remember that it is not about leaving your comfort back. Instead, it is about being smart while doing so without compromising on comfort as well as essential items. Thus, think smartly and follow the tips mentioned in this post. And yes, do not forget to review the Lufthansa baggage policy at least once on Travomonk to know the weight and size limits, restrictions, allowance, etc.

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