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How Can You Make Your Ex Miss You?

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There’s nothing worse than going through a bad breakup. Regardless of whether you’ve been dumped or you’ve just broken up with your partner, you’re probably reconsidering the way your relationship ended. Perhaps you’re coming to terms with your past mistakes and realizing that ending things in the heat of the moment isn’t the right course of action after all. Before you start grabbing your phone and pleading to your ex to come back, take a moment to collect your thoughts. 

When it comes to rekindling romances with your ex, what better way to keep the spark going than to make your partner miss you like crazy? Have you ever wondered whether your ex misses you, like the way you do them? Reminding them of the little things within the relationship is a great way to evoke feelings of longing and regret –– and hopefully, they’ll start running back to you soon. If you’re in a similar situation, read on more to find out the best tips for making your ex miss you. 

Inner Transformation

The first step to getting your ex back is to go through a major transformation. Always wanted to go on that solo trip, move across the country, learn a new sport, or adopt a pet? Now’s the time to do it! Doing something significantly different from what you’d usually do is a good way to surprise your ex and show them that you’re moving forward with your life. This may trigger a sense of jealousy in your ex as they won’t be able to celebrate all the happy changes in your life. After all, who won’t want to be around someone who’s working hard on bettering themselves?

However, it’s not a must to do something just for the sake of it. Make sure that what you’re engaging in genuinely brings you happiness, without a once of regret. You don’t want to spend $800 on a new hobby that makes you even more stressed. 

Outer Transformation

This isn’t to say you aren’t attractive, but revamping your appearance can give you a confidence boost and make your ex admire you all over again. Being in a relationship would probably have resulted in a few love pounds, right? Now’s the time to lose them. Get out your yoga mat, renew that gym membership, and put on your workout gear. It’s time to get that revenge body that’ll be guaranteed to make your ex regret parting ways. Remember to set a realistic goal and start slow –– the idea is to achieve your goals in small and manageable steps. Otherwise, you might find it too challenging and end up quitting. 

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Now that you’ve got your body in check, it’s time to switch it up a notch. Test out that bold color that you’ve always admired, or go bold and sport a short hairstyle. Changing your hairstyle will drastically transform the way you look. Spend some time browsing through the catalogs, and seek advice from professionals –– the last thing you want is to regret something that cannot be undone. Choose something that makes you feel confident. When your ex sees you rocking that new hairstyle and amazing figure, they’ll be left in awe and their jaws will drop. Oh, and they might just drop a text about how much they miss you.

Life’s Good, Deal With It

If you’re still in contact with your ex, there are a million and one ways to make them miss you. Whether you guys exchange text messages every few days, or talk on the phone frequently, telling them about how good your day has been acts as a punch to the gut. Although people usually expect their partner to be miserable and depressed immediately after the breakup, we want to portray ourselves differently –– even if we may be dying inside. Conversation topics, such as being grateful for the positive things in your life, going out with friends, and eating with your family, are good starting points. You’re not acting the way they thought you would, and that’ll make your ex jealous. You’ll remind them how fun life used to be, and they’ll be coming back to you in no time. 

If you’re not on talking terms with your ex, you could subtly relay messages to him through mutual friends. They can act as free message couriers if you do them right! When you meet up with them, make sure to tell them all about your happy moments. When your ex meets up with them and perhaps asks about you, they might just find out is how exciting your life has been without them. However, do remember to steer clear of topics that may make you appear negative in your ex’s eyes. 

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Unfriend Them

Wait, what? Yes, you heard that right. Social media allows us to peek into the lives of our friends, family, and yes, your ex-partner’s too. Everyone has access to everyone’s lives, all the time. If you want your ex to start missing you, you need to cut them off from having access to your life, 24/7. It’s harsh, painful, and delivers a strong statement: “You are no longer part of my life now”. 

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Don’t answer their calls or text messages. As harsh and difficult as this might seem, getting no response from you will leave your ex wondering how you are and even miss talking to you. Take this time to indulge in self-care practices and prioritize yourself!

Or, Post Too Much

If you can’t bring yourself to block them, let’s go to the other extreme: posting so much that he can’t stop viewing your stories. Start putting your social media skills in overdrive and document everything, including the mundane –– to the point that the minute he opens social media, it’s all about how awesome your life is. Attending your BFF’s birthday party? Take a photo of your friends. A night out with the girls? Snap a pic of your OOTD. Going for a run? Video your surroundings. The key is to make your life seem full, robust, and exciting –– without him in it. 

Make New Friends

Putting all your attention on someone may end driving them away. Here’s where reconnecting with old friends or joining a new interest group comes in handy –– anything that pushes you out of your comfort zone and allows you to find friends. Of course, you’ll always have your support group, but expanding your social circle can’t hurt! It helps provide you with new and fresh experiences that’ll keep you busy and from thinking about your ex. 

If your ex knows that you’re constantly hanging out with new friends, they might realize that you could meet someone new soon… and if that doesn’t make them jealous, I don’t know what else will. 


By incorporating these pointers, we guarantee that your ex will likely be dying to get back together with you. However, do note that there are no hard and fast rules to relationships; so, only do the things that you feel comfortable with, and remember to prioritize yourself first.

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