Home News How Did Fetty Wap Daughter Die? Who is Fetty Wap?

How Did Fetty Wap Daughter Die? Who is Fetty Wap?

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Rapping is a passion if you’re a fan. Fetty Wap and his Trap Queen singles in United States made him famous, are currently on the news.

After the news was released by different news outlets, the internet and social media were flooded with hashtags and information from curious fans How Did Fetty WASP Daughter Die. Here are the facts. You can read more below.

Who is Fetty Wap?

Before we go on to other details, we thought we would give readers a peek at Fetty Wap. American rapper, singer, and songwriter Willie Junior Maxwell was his birth name. His stage name is Fetty Wap. His single, Trap queen, was one of the top 10 albums in United States.

Also, before we move on to What Did Fetty Wap Daughter Do, let us know about his personal life.

Fetty Wap with his Children

Fetty Wap has six kids. Aydin was Fetty Wap’s first child. This was followed by Zaveria Khari and Amani. Lauren followed Zy. Lauren was his fifth baby, which he had with Turquoise in Miami in 2017.

According to recent reports, Lauren, his child, passed away six days before. This was reported on several news channels as well as Twitter on the 30th of June 2021. This led to people thronging social media to learn How Did Fetty Wapp Daughter Die. So, we did extensive research and presented facts to the public to dispel all speculations.

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We’ll provide more information in the next sections.

About Fetty Wap Daughter

Celebrities expressed condolences through social media platforms for the loss of the famous rapper’s child. Lauren Maxwell was the fifth child of Fetty WAP and Turquoise Miami. She was just four years old when her death was announced on Twitter, 30 June 2021.

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How Did Fetty Wapp Daughter Die ?

Sources claim that Lauren, the daughter of the famed rapper, died six days before the announcement was made. It was announced on the 30th June 2021. Family members have yet to confirm the exact cause of death.

Aside from that, we are still waiting for the family to release a statement about funeral plans and visitations.


Numerous celebrities and fans sent condolences and messages of support to the family and rapper for Lauren Maxwell, who died six days earlier at the tender age of 4. The family is still to disclose the reason for Fetty Wap Daughter Dies. Users are advised to refrain from speculations.

What are you thoughts about the famous rapper? Leave your comments below.

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