How Is IoT Revolutionizing the Smart Cities in Pakistan?

In this modern time and age, technology is the only constant in our lives that is subjected to evolution. This evolution is making our lives more advanced and is successfully being incorporated into all the other fields of life such as real estate, health, education and so on.

From the radiant heating system in Winfrey’s house that melts snow to Zuckerberg’s custom AI-powered app, every celebrity is embracing the wonderland of IoT. it is everywhere and it is ruling out worlds. But how is it happening, what goes behind the scenes and what are the ways we are able to enjoy the many perks of this?

Let us dive into the details of how IoT and smart cities are bringing revolutions in real estate as we know it.

Lahore Smart City and Capital Smart City – two of the smart cities in Pakistan are known for incorporating and utilizing the benefits of IoT for a better and brighter real estate experience

What is IoT?

IoT is the abbreviation of the Internet of Things. It is the phenomenon that describes the interconnection of all the devices which are available on a global scale. We are living and breathing on technology, hence everything that we do and want to do is interconnected with technology.

IoT connects these devices and allows them to share data with one another ensuring that the users are able to operate these things even in a remote manner. These things are especially being revolutionized by the presence of wireless networks and cheap processors. Whether it’s an electrical appliance or a device, you can operate all these things remotely.

This is revolutionizing because it is reducing, minimizing, and eventually excluding human input from these devices making them more capable and functioning on their own. This way these devices are able to collect the data in real-time without minimum errors and zero human input.

In simple terms IoT is a combination of two worlds – it is the merger between the physical and digital worlds. Hence making sure that it is the best of both worlds.

How Does IoT Work?

The information that is collected via IoT is first collected through the following devices:

  • Processors
  • Softwares
  • Embedded Sensors

Humans are able to control these machine-to-machine data transfer and communication modes via their smartphones. Once the initial stages are cleared such as the setup is installed, it becomes easy for the devices to become self-operational. The devices are then able to collect the data and exchange the information on their own.

IoT is the definition of serving the community rather than working or helping as a bystander.

Here are some examples of how IoT is helping us all!

  • You can initiate your coffee maker to make you coffee if you are late
  • You can initiate warm or cold baths in your washroom
  • You can turn on the lights or turn off the lights from anywhere in the house
  • You can monitor your house premises anywhere anytime in case you have an elderly or a patient at home
  • You can control your thermostat from your phone


The Ways IoT and Smart Homes are Changing The Real Estate for the Better

Here is how Lahore Smart City homes and IoT makes one of the most delivering pairs ever:

  • You can connеct your AirPods, еarbuds, hеadphonеs, spеakеrs, and gaming systеms with your LEDs to makе yoursеlf an еntеrtainmеnt systеm
  • You can rеmotеly control various aspеcts of your housе such as smokе alarms, firе alarms, cеiling fans, lights, and thеrmostats
  • You can automatе your homе appliancеs such as rеfrigеrators, ovеns, toastеrs, coffее makеrs, and lights.

Is IoT Risky?

Now in the context of the aforementioned things, it is highly understandable for people to get a little curious about the demerits of using this much technology. And these concerns are pretty much valid. Because if you can access that information then anyone else who has access to the passwords can easily hack into the system.

But here is a catch. As technology is advancing, there are various ways that are being discovered to ensure that people are enjoying the better of these security systems. This way you can enjoy the peace of mind that your home and devices are impenetrable.

All of this is also directly influencing the ways in which these devices are being produced and manufactured. Some industry giants and companies are also claiming to produce those products which are safe and will feature AI by 2023.

As еvеrything is bеing intеgratеd with IoT, thеrе is a possibility that you will gеt alеrts from your dеvicе whеnеvеr you arе in nееd of anything or if somеonе is trying to tampеr with your dеvicе. Morеovеr, your fridgе will also alеrt you whеn you arе running short on itеms such as еggs and brеad.

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