How Maintaining Your Septic System Saves You Money

The septic system is possibly the most underestimated and underrated utility in the home. However, it is out there, buried beneath your backyard, continually functioning. Its primary function is to retain the wastewater long enough for particles to sink to the bottom and form sludge, while oil and grease float to the surface and produce scum.

Even though there are costs associated with maintaining a high-quality septic system, there are several advantages to you as a homeowner. Proper septic system operation and maintenance may have a considerable influence on how well it functions and how long it lasts. With good care and maintenance, your septic system may last for at least 25 to 30 years without breaking the bank.

Instead of being in the dark regarding your septic system needs, follow our simple suggestions that can lead to significant savings on future septic system needs!

Take a Look at What Goes Down the Drain

One of the easiest steps you can take to save money in your septic system is to be cautious of what you drop down the drain. Female hygiene items, cotton balls, hairballs, and even “flushable” wipes should not be flushed. Additionally, avoid pouring grease down the drain and use your garbage disposal sparingly. 
One of the things that can cause the blockage or making it hard to take care of the septic system is food waste that goes down the drain when washing the dishes or emptying dirty containers. Making sure that recycling your food waste is key into taking care of your system.

All of these factors can lead to a buildup of solid waste in your septic tank that the healthy bacteria cannot break down, resulting in sewage backups and pipe obstructions. Any cleaning goods should have their labels checked, as many of them will inform you if they are safe for septic systems.

When in Doubt, Consult a Pro

When trying to maintain your septic system, it may appear to be easier and less expensive to do it yourself with a store-bought chemical, but it will almost certainly cost you more money. Harsh chemicals can corrode your pipes and create a bacterial imbalance in your septic tank. These are all expensive fixes.

To save money on septic services, it is often necessary to consult professionals in the first place rather than attempting repairs yourself. Depending on the location you live in, you can contact a  sewer line repair in Austin, Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, Portland, or other areas nearby and find professionals to maintain your drains and septic system.

Follow a Schedule to Check Your Septic System

Don’t put off getting your septic system checked until there’s an issue. Make sure to maintain it on a regular basis. It is recommended for your septic tank be drained and maintained every three to five years.

However, if you are uncertain when your next septic system check-up should be, call your septic system firm. The advantage of having a dependable and consistent septic company using high-performance septic pumping systems is that you can keep your septic system pumps maintained and serviced on a regular basis. It will also assist you in keeping track of any repairs or services that you may require. Moreover, having a history of your septic condition will help you save money on septic services in the future.

Stay Alert for Warning Signs of Trouble

To save money in the process, pay attention to indicators of trouble if you haven’t kept records or haven’t followed a systematic schedule with your septic services or if you’re moving into a brand new house and don’t know the septic system’s status.

Foul odors originating from inside or outside the house, frequently smelling like rotten eggs, might indicate a septic system problem. Also, keep an eye out for sewage backing up into the home or coming from the leach field. If you spot any of these signs, you should contact your septic company right away. Do not wait for larger, more expensive issues to arise.

Keep the Septic System Cleanout in Plain Sight

When installing the septic system, some companies may choose to bury the access panel. In such cases, the maintenance staff has to find and dig up the access to pump the system or do other tasks. Because of the extra equipment and staffing necessary, this extra step will cost you more money. 

Therefore, if you’re planning to install a septic system in your house, make sure your cleanout access panel is easily accessible since it will make it easier and cheaper to maintain your septic system. 

Final Thoughts

Regularly inspecting your septic system and following wise operating methods will save you money by preventing costly system and drain field repairs. Adequately maintaining your septic systems can impact your family’s health, the value of your property, public and groundwater drinking water sources, and people or wildlife that enjoy and rely on local streams.

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