UnityLoan No Credit Check Loans Review: #1 Online Loan Company in the US


No-credit-check loans are loans that do not require hard credit checks for disbursements. These loans are usually given based on the borrower’s capacity to pay back within the stipulated period. The borrower’s capacity to pay back is primarily determined by evidence of steady income. 

This system of no-credit checks ensures that borrowers with bad credit can also have access to funds based on their current income, albeit at a higher interest rate.

UnityLoan is an online loan company in the US that specializes in offering no-credit-check loans. With the support of partner lenders, the company offers instant loans with no credit check online approval with considerable interest rates for individuals with bad credit.

While the company isn’t present in all states, it has become quite a force during these past few years.

UnityLoans offers several other loan solutions: No-credit-check, payday, same-day, and title loans. Plus, with UnityLoans, there’s no need for a cosigner.

Overview of UnityLoan 

At the beginning of this article, we briefly defined no-credit-check loans and mentioned UnityLoan as a foremost player in this industry. Now, let’s take an extensive look at UnityLoan and its no-credit-check loans, as well as the policy for these loans from a partner lender level.

UnityLoan offers no-credit-check loans to prospective loanees without the need for a cosigner. This is and has been a determinant factor for the company as this makes the application process much more seamless. 

While UnityLoan has considerably higher interest rates than most other no-credit-check loan providers, it makes up for this with features such as the aforementioned.

To get a no-credit-check loan with UnityLoan, it is important to meet the eligibility requirements. This way, loanees can also get multiple quotes from partner lenders through UnityLoan with better terms and conditions. The more lender quotes a prospective loanee gets, the better deals they’re most likely to get.

Below are some of the general eligibility requirements for online loans for bad credit.

Some of the general eligibility requirements include:

  1. Loanees must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Loanees must hold a valid government-issued ID.
  3. Loanees must be citizens or permanent residents of the U.S.
  4. Loanees must have verifiable proof of income with proof of payments.
  5. All loanees are expected to have a functional bank account.

How To Use UnityLoan To Get Online Loans With No Credit Check  

Applying for no-credit-check loans is a pretty straightforward process. All that’s required is a biodata form which should be filled out with personal information and some information about the loanee’s financial history.

Unlike banks, and other older, more rigid financial institutions, UnityLoan through dynamic technology can get applications and release disbursements within 24 hours. Individuals with bad credit can finally access loans of up to $5,000 in no-credit-check loans, how awesome is that?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to applying for UnityLoans no-credit-check loans 

  1. Fill out a form: As stated earlier, the first task on the list for prospective loanees is to fill out an online application form. The details of the form will mostly include loanee biodata and current financial position. Also, remember to tick out the correct loan type intended as UnityLoans offers several loans including installment loans, same-day loans, payday loans, and no-credit-check loans. The terms for these loans differ significantly.
  1. Get approval: The very next step is the approval step and this is largely determined by the information provided during the application process. Partner lenders check the application and compare it with their eligibility criteria and the best possible terms based on the information provided.

The loanee will get several quotes or one quote from partner lenders offering varying terms and amounts.

  1. Acceptance: At this stage, the loanee is expected to accept terms or reject them outrightly. It’s important to look through the terms carefully, especially for first-time loanees. Loanees may also contact UnityLoans customer care service for clarity on terms they do not understand.

Do You Qualify for a No-Credit-Check Loan with Bad Credit? 

The simple answer to this question is yes! With loan brokers like UnityLoans, you qualify for a no-credit-check loan with bad credit, as long as you’re able to properly verify your source of steady income.

 Several other factors may qualify prospective loanees with bad credit. Some of them include industry-standard eligibility requirements for no-credit-check loan providers. 

How We Chose the Best No-Credit Check Loans 

4.1 Application process: 

UnityLoans offers a seamless application process for applicants requesting no-credit-check loans. Plus, the application can be completed online.

4.2 24-hour loan disbursement: 

With UnityLoans, no-credit-check loan disbursements are made within 12-24 hours of application. The earlier the application, the earlier the disbursement.

4.3 No need for cosigners: 

With UnityLoans, loanees never have to bother about cosigners when accessing no-credit-check loans. All that’s required has been listed above. 


Over the past couple of years, no-credit-check loans have become quite commonplace among the populace. This may be attributed to the harsh economic realities today. 

UnityLoans offers an opportunity to prospective loanees with bad credit. By offering no-credit-check loans to loanees and eliminating the need for a cosigner, Individuals with bad credit can access much-needed financial support based on their current verifiable income levels.

Would you like a second chance? Contact UnityLoans today!

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