How Much Do CCNA Certification Test and Other Cisco Certification Exams Usually Cost?

How much does the Cisco certification exam usually cost? Cisco certification and Huawei certification are certifications of high social recognition in the internet industry, and Cisco certification is also the choice of many network engineers, especially for some network engineers who want to work in foreign companies or go abroad. So how much does the Cisco certification test usually cost? The cost of Cisco certification test can be divided into two parts. One part is the cost of taking the test, and the other is the cost of participating in Cisco certification training.

Let’s talk about the cost of Cisco certification test first. Because Cisco certification is launched by Cisco manufacturers, there are not too many restrictions on taking the exam. It does not need educational background or personal experience, but the exam cost is still relatively high compared with the exams launched in some countries.

However, after February 24, 2020, the price of Cisco certification test has also been adjusted, down from the original. Next, SPOTO will introduce it in detail.

Cisco certification is divided into CCNA, CCNP and CCIE. CCNA Exam is a unified test. Because the number of tests is small and the difficulty is low, the cost of CCNA Certification in jacksonville test is the lowest of the three. Before February 24 this year, the cost is about USD 351, but after February 24, it is much cheaper, USD 211. CCNP Exam was originally tested for three subjects, but after February 24 this year, it was changed to a core exam plus an optional exam. Therefore, the price has decreased more than before. Originally, it was USD 1,324, but now it only needs USD 757. Therefore, friends who want to test CCNP can take action now. Next, let’s talk about the most difficult test – CCIE exam. There are both written and experimental examinations, so the price will naturally be higher. The price reduction of CCIE exercise is not as severe as the first two, from USD 2,216 to USD 2,161. So now, CCNA exam is USD 324; CCNP test is USD 757; CCIE exercise is USD 2,161.

After introducing the expenses required for Cisco certification examination, SPOTO will next introduce some expenses required for Cisco certification training. You should know that Cisco certification, especially CCIE certification, is very difficult to obtain. When learning through training, you are most sure to help candidates pass the certification exam. Therefore, there are many people who want to take CCIE test and participate in the training. Next, SPOTO will introduce the cost of SPOTO’s Cisco certification training course.

SPOTO has about five training courses on Cisco certification, namely CCNA theory, CCNP theory, CCIE theory + LAB, CCIE LAB and CCIE training. CCNA theory is less difficult, so the cost is also low. The original price is USD 170, and the discount for activities can be USD 62; CCNP theory is more difficult than CCNA, involving more and deeper knowledge points. The cost is about USD 923, and the preferential price is about USD 616; CCIE theory + LAB has considerable knowledge points. The price is USD 2,439 and the preferential price is about USD 1,976; For some candidates who study theory by themselves, SPOTO also has courses that only train CCIE LAB. The original price of this course is USD 1,976, and the price is about USD 1,667 at the time of discount; If you don’t have any foundation, you can also learn from scratch. After learning well, you can take the CCIE train training directly. The training price is the highest, the original price is USD 2,903, and the preferential price is about USD 2,594. The specific preferential price will change according to the activity. For details, you can consult SPOTO.

The above is the approximate cost of Cisco certification.

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