How Much Does Airbnb like App Development Costs?

The concept of a home away from home appeals to many. Airbnb’s app was initially presented in 2007. Among the most popular are apartment-hunting and tourism applications. Airbnb has become a worldwide phenomenon for most individuals, whether vacationers, business travellers, or remote workers.

Apps similar to Airbnb didn’t simply arise. It’s the product of a great message, global presence, and appropriate emotion at the right time and place. According to recent data from a credible publication, 45.6 million Airbnb users will exist by 2022.

Do you think all of the above points are valid?

So, Airbnb?

Airbnb app is a global platform that helps travellers. Airbnb is a travel marketplace where travellers can quickly locate and book excellent rooms worldwide. Airbnb isn’t only for hotel bookings. Users may book a suite, an entire apartment, a yacht, or even a houseboat.

Accommodations may be listed or rented for short or long term stays on Airbnb. Consequently, Airbnb acts as a broker, helping customers rent any accommodation privately. Airbnb now has 192 countries and 300,000 accommodations in around 65,000 locations. Rentals are available on the Airbnb app for a variety of properties.

Benefits of the Airbnb App

  1. The best thing about this app is that you can refine the search to meet your specific requirements. Travellers have the facility to search the Airbnb website by putting details such as when and where they want to stay and also refining the search facility available. This implies you can save time looking for a room and spend more time exploring the fun things. 
  2. With the help of this app rental services, you will get the most out of your money in comparison to a hotel room. You can have either extra space, a kitchen or improved amenities for a very less price.
  3. With Airbnb rental, rather than renting a solo room in a hotel, you have the facility to rent an entire apartment, house or townhouse for the same price. 
  4. Airbnb app rentals can provide better amenities in comparison to hotels or hostels.
  5. Most of the Airbnb rentals include a kitchen. Providing you with the choice to prepare snacks and meals, saving you a lot of money. For me, having a kitchen with a room is the major benefit of using Airbnb.
  6. Many travellers get the pleasure of different experiences from usual hotels. Most of the hosts personalize the service by leaving champagne, notes, and chocolates, providing you with a comfortable and home-like feeling. 
  7. One more benefit is the groups can stay together. In case you are having a group of friends, don’t rent a massive house or get separate rooms because you can stay together. By doing that, you can save money. 
  8. Airbnbs are anywhere and everywhere – factually. Escape from the centre of town and have a vacation in the countryside or a neighbourhood for an amazing experience.

Airbnb App Features

It’s always good to grasp an Airbnb startup cost, and primary features before estimating its production expenses. Both hosts and visitors are distinct.

Both guests and hosts

  • Sign up/Login with Facebook or Email
  • Change notification settings, email or password
  • ad (personal details)
  • Alert system and panel
  • Easy-to-use dashboard

Exclusive Features for Guests

  • Profile Admin (Personal Information)
  • View listings
  • Listings
  • Send and receive messages.
  • New claims
  • Deal with offers
  • Manage reservations
  • Leave reviews for hosts.
  • Setup payment options and examine the history

Host-Only Features

  • Make a personal page to host
  • Organize page data
  • List an (information like details, photos, prices, and schedule)
  • Send messages to visitors regarding their reservations.
  • Receipt or denial
  • View and amend prior bookings
  • Write reviews for visitors.
  • Manage payments and see history

Costs of Developing an Airbnb-like App

To design an app similar to Airbnb, it’s necessary to grasp the underlying influences. However, the essential structure and characteristics that drive app development remain constant.

Android or iOS

Airbnb is accessible on both platforms however, bear in mind that building an iOS software vs an Android app costs more. The cost of designing for Android is approximately 20-30% more than for iOS.


If you want to build an app like Airbnb with a distinctive and beautiful design, be aware that it will cost more to develop. You must choose between traditional and custom methods.

Technology and App Testing

Adding a new feature to the app and testing it before launch may involve extra expenditures.

Workforce on the Project

The cost of producing an app increases with team size. It is highly encouraged to keep the crew small and basic. Usually, a project manager, UI designer, administrator, and other team members attend.

To develop an app like Airbnb, how much?

The company’s hourly cost is a significant factor in building a trip planning software like Airbnb App. The cost of building an app is determined by multiplying the number of hours by a defined rate. This Can be done easily with the help of a mern stack development Company.

Let us start with an average price of $50.

Now let’s go through each step of building the app and how much it will cost:

Step 1:

No project may begin without following some fundamental processes. An app like Airbnb may take between 49 and 60 hours to develop. Where,

  • Planning the plan will take 20-25 hr.
  • 20-25 hours to build the API
  • 10-12 hours to establish a database
  • 1 – 18 hours for services and libs

So, at $50 per hour, it will cost roughly $2500-$4000.


Like other applications, the user must register using their phone number and email address. Then accept the app’s terms.


This feature will take 12 hours to build and the Airbnb app cost roughly $300.


The user must fill up personal data. The developer must create two profiles, one for the visitor and one for the property owner. The user must supply their phone number, email address, user name, birth date, gender, and address. Because you can keep track of each customer’s preferences and travel habits, you may give them tailored special or generic offers.


Integration takes roughly 24 hours and costs about $600.


The user may start looking for an available host for guests, while hosts can add their own home. To locate the right host, a user may need to submit details such as home, apartment, shared bed, price, accommodation, photos, etc.

The user may pick the best host, among other criteria, as a visitor.

  • Destination
  • Dates of check-in/out
  • Total guests
  • roo (Choose the fitting room)
  • Object type
  • A/C type (private room, apartment, shared room, etc.)
  • Price sort
  • XL (How many beds, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.)
  • Booking and Superhost options
  • Amenities
  • Neighbourhoods
  • Estimation

The search/filter functionality might take up to 24 hours to build and the application build cost Airbnb about $1200.

Room Changes:

After applying the criteria, the results page displays all options that meet the filters. The user may choose any of the shown results. After tapping a result, the user will see the following.

  • Pictures
  • Reviews
  • Ratings
  • Description
  • Map
  • Term and cost

This information will help the user get to know the selected hotel.

The users will also see the home rules (if any), cancellation policies, and minimum booking time. There are also extra charges for food, washing, etc.

A calendar view may also be used to verify availability.


This procedure might take up to 180 hours.

20-24 hours for variation list

40-45 hours for property data

the host profile is 16-18 hours

15-17 hours for reviews

40-42 hours for booking

Set your check-in and check-out dates in 16-18 hours

16 hours for the calendar display

1 day 16-18 hours to build “message/text the host”

This component will cost about $9000.

How to Host:

Anyone may rent their space by becoming a host on the app. create an account by filling out a profile and then submit an ad for your apartment, room, or home. The smartphone software may tell the user how much they can charge for their location.


It will take roughly 20 hours to develop and cost around $1000.

Backend Design:

The server-side component-backend development is critical. It is difficult to develop an app without working on the backend. So it’s a long and difficult procedure.


The backend development takes around 600 hours and costs about $30000.

As a result, the user does not need to juggle any other third-party programmes.


Adding up the timeframes for each step, it comes to between 1090 and 1200 hours. Hours times $50 gives us a range of $54,500 to $60,000. (The average development cost). The price range reflects the estimated amount of money required to establish a $900 million revenue-generating business like Airbnb.

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