Cantilever umbrellas are beautiful, gorgeous pieces of patio furniture that can add a touch of aesthetic value to the decor of your outdoor space. The structure is made in such a way that it might seem that the heavy duty umbrellas are floating unsupported in the air. But the truth is that the umbrella beam holds the canopy on one end whereas it is supported at the other end. The umbrellas have offset posts and bases and come with wall-mounted options too.

A cantilever umbrella offers a lot of unhindered free space below its canopy. It also promises to provide maximum shade at all times if you keep changing the shade angle according to the sun’s movements. That’s why it is an extremely popular choice for commercial enterprises as well. The heavy duty commercial umbrella also comes in handy during the rains as it can shelter a large area. 

However, a strong gust of wind can make these commercial umbrellas wobble. And, as a restaurant or café owner, you wouldn’t want to feel embarrassed in front of your customers if your umbrella gets blown away by the wind. So you need to anchor your cantilever umbrella properly to reduce the chances of it getting toppled over. 

In this blog, we will take you through the process of how you can secure your umbrella.

How wind causes problems

Strong winds can easily damage an umbrella. With the structure of a cantilever umbrella designed in a lopsided way, it makes it more vulnerable when facing a gust of wind. While the fabric of the umbrella can face wear and tear, the frames can snap under wind pressure. So it is extremely important that you take good care of your umbrella in order to make it last longer.

There are various ways to secure a heavy duty commercial umbrella and we will tell you a few of those options in this article… 

How to anchor cantilever umbrella

To understand how to secure a cantilever umbrella, you need to take these factors into account:

  • Mobility 
  • Flooring 
  • Base of an umbrella 
  • Weight of your umbrella

Mobility requirements

Before you start setting up your umbrella, the first step is to determine whether your device needs to be moved frequently or whether it will pretty much remain fixed at a particular place for most of the time.

If you need to move it around, you would want to opt for a mobile base option. The portable designs are easy and comfortable to move and don’t involve permanent anchors. However, if you plan on leaving the umbrella stationary in a particular place, you have a great deal more flexibility to secure your umbrella and you can go for more permanent fixes. 

Flooring material

The second step is to consider the type of material on which your heavy duty umbrella will be set up. Common flooring materials include concrete, wooden decks, and grass. However, each material behaves differently and you will need to use different support systems to secure the umbrella.

  • Concrete: It is one of the most popular flooring materials and can offer solid and strong support to an umbrella. If the concrete isn’t poured in yet, you can simply sink the umbrella bolts into the material. If the concrete is set, you can add locking nuts to the bolts. However, you have to be extremely careful when you are placing the bolts. They need to be in the exact location because the umbrella will be permanently fixed at one spot once installed. 
  • Wooden deck: As opposed to concrete, wooden decks are one of the easier materials to deal with because you can comfortably drill into it. The method could provide a lot of stability and strength because it won’t be easy to move the umbrella. However, there are a few drawbacks. Your umbrella won’t have the flexibility and you would also have permanent holes in your decking.
  • Grass: Among the three, the grass is probably the most difficult material to set up a cantilever umbrella on because there’s nothing much to drill into. On most occasions, you have to rely on the weight of your commercial umbrella. So it is better to purchase a base or additional weights to support your umbrella.
  • Additional weights: There is nothing wrong with adding more weights to your base to secure your heavy duty commercial umbrella, particularly those that are set up on the grass or ground. Additional weights include:
    • Sandbags
    • Concrete blocks
    • Water-filled support tubs
    • Metal plates


If you use some of the above-mentioned support systems, you can prevent your cantilever umbrella from flopping over in the wind, breaking, or hurting someone. Securing your umbrella is important because it will make the umbrella durable and last long. So take into consideration all these steps before you buy a cantilever umbrella for this summer.

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