Can you ride Onewheel in the snow?

You have purchased an all-new Onewheel and you want to know what it is like to use a Onewheel in the snow? Yes, you can. However, it can be very difficult when it comes down to riding one wheel Onewheel when it’s snowy. Yes, it does require some care since it can be slippery. Also, the colder temperatures could affect the performance of your board. Extreme temperatures put a strain on the battery, tire, and motor.

Furthermore, prolonged exposure to the board takes its an impact on the battery, your tire, and the motor. In addition, your device could display an error message if the battery gets too cold. Extremely cold temperatures will likely trigger a rapid battery drain and in this case, you’ll have to remove your board inside. Another crucial aspect you’ll be interested in is the fact that snow transforms into the water as it melts.

If this occurs, you may not be able to ride your board on snow since electronics and water aren’t the best of friends!

It’s a great experience when you’re on your electric longboardsl in winter. But, it’s better to do it correctly so that you don’t cause any difficulties for yourself or the board.

There are a variety of recommendations Future Motion offers Future Motion makes regarding your Onewheel and winter riding.

Do I need to dress Warmly?

Yes. The best way to prevent hypothermia is to dress warmly and properly. If your body is losing heat at a greater rate than it creates it, then you’ve got an issue with hypothermia. In normal conditions, your body temperature is about 98 degrees Fahrenheit. When your temperature falls below 95 degrees, then you could be deemed to suffer from hypothermia. While you are riding on a Onewheel it isn’t any hard work you’re performing.

In reality, your tasks are very limited when you’re on Onewheel. You’re not required to do anything on Onewheel because the system handles everything for you. This includes everything from balance to deceleration and acceleration. It means your heartbeat will not rise as it would when you are biking, running, or skiing. This is why that warm clothing is crucial. When you travel at the speed of 15 miles an hour, the cold winter winds blow right through you if you’re not properly dressed.

The best fabric for cold temperatures is wool. Cotton is the most unsuitable material for cold temperatures. It absorbs water and can take more time to dry than some other textiles such as wool or other synthetic fabrics. So, you may get covered in the rain when you are dressed in cotton. The water from this or even sweat or snow will make you feel miserable since the water absorbs heat from your body more quickly than air. In addition, the water will fill the space between fibers, effectively pushing hot air away. As the water evaporates there will be a cooling effect.

Do I need to cover my head When I Ride in Snow?

Yes. The head is the ideal place to shed the heat that your body produces. If you are riding your Onewheel in the cold or snow, it’s essential to wear an appropriate helmet.

However, many helmets lack too enough ventilation to help keep your head cool. Therefore, if you find that your head is getting cold, you should put on a beanie underneath your helmet. You could complement this with a balaclava to protect from the frigid cold.

Is the Onewheel Battery Draining Faster in the Snow?

Yes. Batteries rarely perform at their maximum when exposed to very cold temperatures. Therefore, if you’re riding through snow, be prepared for a lower range of operation unless you’re ready to take a walk home with the Onewheel. Also, you must keep in mind that you must not take your Onewheel out when you’re done riding because of the extreme temperatures outside. Your Onewheel needs to be stored in a temperature-controlled room where temperatures are almost constant.

If you do this you can make your battery last longer, as well as get the normal amount of range of the Onewheel. In extreme situations, the battery may become permanently damaged and incapacity to support any charge.  You will not be as efficient in extremely cold temperatures, therefore, plan and anticipate a lower performance.

Additionally, as Future Motion recommends, do not let your Onewheel outside in the cold when it is not being used. When temperatures drop to freezing in extreme cold, the battery might cease to function completely You will need to bring it in to slowly warm it up until it is operational.

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