Jas mathur- an Industrialist, Who Transformed People’s Life

These days, more and more people are now embracing lifestyles based on health and wellness, therefore, the fitness industry is gradually becoming a global titan at an annual turnover of USD 150 billion. Besides, at present, almost 30-35% of American adults are a part of any fitness club which would accelerate further. No wonder why many business owners and fitness enthusiasts are developing and designing customized fitness programs that offer lasting value.

Being one of the most eminent fitness and lifestyle experts, Jas Mathur has capitalized on this white-hot trend perfectly. Apart from physical fitness, he focuses on all-around growth, which stimulates the mental faculties of the clients in the right proportion. And this is where he is different from other entrepreneurs in the fitness industry.

How did Jas Mathur start fulfilling his dream to be an entrepreneur?

Jas mathur started his online entrepreneurial journey at the tender age of 12. He began by publishing backstage news in mIRC and AOL chat rooms. This thing allowed him to create message board-style websites designed for wrestling. Within a few months, those websites became some of the most renowned wrestling news websites in the world. Then at the age of 16, he sold the network of websites to a media conglomerate. But during this time, he neglected his health and as a result, he reached the weight of 450 pounds with a 68 inches waist. Once he realized this, he devoted himself to transforming himself. And at the initial step, he lost 250 pounds with some healthy habits, a positive attitude, and immense spiritual and physical dedication toward self-improvement. Soon after his transformation, he started assisting others with all those changes that helped him to lead a new life. Besides, the benefits of his passion and focus continued to dominate the space of health and wellness unlike anybody else out there.

Jas Mathur- the entrepreneur, who transformed others’ life:

After his transformation, Jas Mathur never gets tired of publicizing the message of personal transformation driven by things like a thorough mindset change and significant mental shifts. Even the essence of his brand lay within the message along with the movement of his brand, Limitless. With his transformation story, Jas has helped millions of listeners and followers to learn the ways to go to the root of their thinking and change the necessary things after questioning their long-held beliefs and assumptions. And the result is always a positive and lasting personal transformation. With this mindset, Jas has also become successful in building a billion-dollar empire with many consumer brands, which are expanded to the global markets.

In one of his interviews, Jas Mathur answered the following questions about his entrepreneurial journey and how he transformed the lives of others with his ventures.

1. How and where does your story begin?

My entrepreneurial journey started when I launched my first venture at the age of 12, which was to create and develop high-traffic websites for wrestling news. When growing up, I was a huge fan of wrestling. I used to visit every live event and used to order every single pay-per-view from a young age. At that time, WWE doesn’t have a website. At that time, people would dial 1-800 to get updates on the latest happenings in the wrestling world. So, I started using the grassroots technique to inform people about the latest social media, wrestling, or sans SEO news through my website. The business flourished quickly and after several years, I sold it to a major media company. During that time, I also founded and reinvented several companies in different businesses including digital surveillance, satellite TV, online dating, downloadable media, online gambling, etc.

2. What was your favorite memory from childhood?

I got my first computer at the age of 11 which kick-started my curiosity in consumer electronics and consumer coding. Then the first thing I did was to print a picture of the Undertaker. At that time, there were no social media, and I used to be in the IRC chat rooms during that time. And I taught HTML, CGI, and Pearl tools, which offered me great success when later I launched the wrestling websites. Besides, these tools also offered me success in the ventures that I started beyond.

3. What are the lessons and challenges you have learned along the way?

The journey was not smooth at all. I was always meticulous about setting my business goals and achieving those goals swiftly. Over the years, with the ever-changing business dynamics, the majority of the noticeable challenges come when someone assumes accomplishment and then they become disappointed when it doesn’t offer the result as expected. So, it is important to master the art of patience. This will help you to prepare for both professional and personal growth.

4. Limitless has an impressive journey. But there are people, who may not have heard about it yet. So, tell us something about your doings and the things that set your brand apart.

Like me, the motto of Limitless is also “Live to Inspire, Reinvent Yourself, Dream, Believe, and Achieve.” I started this company after getting a hold of my emotional, physical, and mental well-being. And I instilled this thing in the mission of my brand. Therefore, the core of Limitless reflects strong willpower, mindset, and the scope of unlocking the full potential of the mind.

From the perspective of a brand, I am very proud of the image that I have created, which was a big challenge for me. My health and well-being suffered a lot when I focused mostly on making my business endeavors successful. As a result, I weighed around 450 pounds at the age of 22. And that was the point when I realized it was important to make an important change in my health and overall well-being. So, I created a company that reflects my changed lifestyle like the way I transformed my body and mind. And this process helped me to lose around 250 pounds. I consider it as the base of my brand Limitless.

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