How Much is The Cheapest Dumpster to Rent?

The average cost of dumpsters is between $279 and $487 per week. However, this cost can vary depending on the dumpster size and the timeframe for which you want to rent it. Sometimes, it can be between $200 and $780. Typically, you can expect to pay about $363 per week, on average, for a 10–15 yard dumpster. To know the exact cost of renting dumpsters, visit the Dumposaurus Dumpsters & Rolloff Rental website. They offer dumpster rental services and have dumpsters in varying sizes, ranging from 5 yards to 30 yards. 

Cheapest Dumpster Cost

The cheapest dumpster will be one of the small dumpsters you can rent. The cost of renting a small dumpster will be around $75 per week to $300 per week. You can rent out a small dumpster if you are spring cleaning your studio apartment or renovating one room in your home and need to dispose of unwanted stuff. 

Factors that Can Affect Dumpster Costs

Given below are various factors that can affect the cost of dumpsters:

Rental Period

Dumpster costs can vary depending on the timeframe for which you rent them. While the most common timeframe for renting a dumpster is weekly, many companies also offer daily and monthly rentals. You may have to pay a little less rent if you take the dumpster for long periods. Some companies offer a discount for monthly dumpster rentals. Some companies may also give you a per-day discount for every additional day after a week.

Commercial vs Residential Dumpsters

The cost of the dumpster can also vary depending on whether you are renting a residential or commercial dumpster. Commercial dumpsters are typically used by companies with a higher than regular trash requirement. For instance, construction companies can rent these dumpsters to hold drywall, demolished wood and trash, siding, and other construction items. Commercial dumpsters are large in weight capacity and size. Residential dumpsters are smaller in size and will have lesser weight capacities. The average cost of renting a residential dumpster is between $ 200 and $ 550, while that of a commercial dumpster is $300 and $ 1,100.

Flat Rate Vs. Variable Rates for Dumpsters

Dumpster companies may charge flat rates or variable rates for dumpster rental. The flat rate will include the cost of everything, like rental, pickup, delivery, mileage, dump fees, and admin fees. You will know what you need to pay for right at the beginning. All the above costs will be itemized to calculate the final price with the variable rate. The cost will depend on whether you go under or over the weight limits and trash type rules.

Weight and Type of Trash

Companies that offer a variable rate structure will also include the type and weight of trash to work out the quote for you. They will consider the weight of the trash you are putting out, the space filled up in the dumpster, and the landfill fees. Every vendor will have a threshold capacity for the different dumpsters. They will consider the dumpster full once it reaches that capacity. Anything that goes beyond this threshold will be considered overage, which will be billed separately. 

Disposal Fees for Hazardous Waste

Rental companies will charge you extra if your load has hazardous materials or waste. Chemicals, asbestos, and batteries are considered hazardous materials that you should dispose of at a special facility. This will cost extra as it needs to be transported to the facility.

Overflow and Overloading Fee

Rental pickup drivers cannot legally transport overloaded or overflowing containers. Materials should not hang or stick out at the top of the dumpster trucks. You must leave extra space at the top of your load to ensure things don’t overflow. Similarly, rental companies will charge you extra if you overload the dumpster above its capacity. Each dumpster has a maximum weight capacity of around two tons per 10 yards. This is equal to three pickup truck loads. You can be charged between $40 and $ 100 per ton if you go over this capacity. 

Dumpster Permits

Dumpster permit requirements and costs will vary from city to city. This cost can be anywhere between $10 and $75. You will need a dumpster permit if:

  • You are renting a roll-off dumpster
  • Your dumpster is in public view
  • It is going to be on any public property
  • It is going to be directly on the street
  • It is going to be directly on the sidewalk

You may not need a permit from local authorities if the dumpster is on your private property. You can check with your HOA if they have specific rules. 

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