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How Often Do You Need to Power Wash Your House?

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Do you often question if you should be washing your house more often?

Like most people, most people aren’t concerned with the care of their house’s exterior. This is because they assume regular sunlight and rain do enough to take care of their house.

But, these may not give your house enough protection against pollution. Also, dirt and grime can accumulate on the house’s surface.

But what’s the right frequency to power wash your house? Today, we will look at how often you need to wash your house for the best house maintenance.

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When Is the Best Time?

Knowing when to power wash can save you time and money. Below is the best time to power wash your house to make it shine.

Before Selling the House

Pressure washing helps restore the condition of the exterior of your house. It prevents future damage and costly repairs.

It will make your house look like new and immediately enhance the curb appeal for potential buyers. You can perform a thorough cleaning of the dirt, mud, mildew, and grass stains, as well as other debris.

The results of a power wash will not only add value to your home but it will make it stand out from the competitors. Don’t forget to seal the exterior after it’s clean. This will make it more resistant to the elements and help it look even better.

When Preparing for an Exterior New Coat

Power washing is the best way to prepare your home for painting, as it gets rid of years of dirt. Which can create a bad surface for your new coat of paint.

It also allows you to get a better look at any problems your house may have. Like chipped paint, rotted wood, peeling caulk, and any damage caused by the weather.

Taking the time to power wash your house before painting allows you to take care of these issues to affect your new paint job. Preparing your house by power washing is also more cost-effective than trying to fix any issues under a new coat of paint.

At the End of the Year

It prevents costly roof, siding, or deck repairs. It is also the perfect time to seal any cracks found in your foundation, walls, and sidewalks.

Power washing your home can add years to its life. It is also a great way to increase the curb appeal of your home and create a beautiful outdoor space that can be enjoyed all year long.

Choosing the Right Power Wash

There are many different brands, types, and features offered. The first step in making the right selection is to determine the scope of the job.

Are you cleaning the siding of a small shed or a large house? Finally, do your research, for instance, soft wash vs power wash.

Read reviews of the model you’re considering and look for customer feedback. It is to ensure you are making an informed choice to choose the right pressure washer.

A Guide to the Best Time to Power Wash Your House

A power wash is an important upkeep task that can keep it looking great and well-maintained home. Take the guesswork out of how often to power wash your home by following the simple guidelines listed in this guide.

With the right tool, your home can look like new in no time. So, find the right pressure washer today and get your home shining again!

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