How Often Does Carpet Need To Be Replaced?

Is the carpeting in your house past its prime? Do you require services like carpet repair Canberra to fix carpet problems? For many households, carpeting is a popular flooring option. In addition to being comfortable and plush on the feet, it is available in various colours and designs to match your home decor preferences. However, you can only maintain the best carpet properly for a short time. So, homeowners must understand when it’s time for carpet replacement. Watch out for a few typical indicators that carpet replacement is in your near future.

How Frequently Should You Replace the Carpet?

Depending on the type, cushion, fibres, and foot traffic it receives, carpet can last anywhere from five to fifteen years. High-quality rugs will start getting worn out after ten years due to the cushioning deteriorating, the threads wearing down, and the hues changing even in sparsely used rooms. While you can opt for carpet stretching Kambah, carpet restretching, etc. offered by professionals, it might not always be required since the carpet needs to be replaced. Consider the following irreversible wear and tear indicators to determine when you should replace your carpet:

  1. When you cannot hide stains anymore

A house is meant to be lived in and not just looked at. This is all well and good when it comes topersonalising a room, but over time, accidental spills and stains may cause damage to your carpet. Fortunately, many stains can be removed or significantly reduced if you act quickly. Professionals can provide services like carpet cleaning, carpet stretching, and carpet restretching Kaleen, but some stubborn patches can be nearly impossible to remove, especially when using DIY carpet cleaning techniques. When you run out of rugs to hide wear and tear, it might be time for a change. 

  1. When you cannot get rid of foul odours despite cleaning

Nothing is worse than walking into a stinky carpet when you get home. Some materials make removing the evidence more difficult even after removing the visible stain. This is frequently the case for pet owners or families with kids. Even if you immediately clean small spills right away, sometimes the smell can linger, indicating that the odour may have seeped deeper into the padding or the carpet fibers.

  1. When you detect the presence of mould& water damage

Mould growth and water damage are obvious signs that your carpet needs to be replaced. Water stains are ugly and challenging to remove. Leaking pipes in bathrooms, kitchens, or roofs of multi-story homes can cause water damage, resulting in mould growth and mildew. Always keep an eye out for water-contaminating leaks in your water pipes.

Your health and your family’s health may be at risk from mould. It may even be fatal for people with severe mould hypersensitivity and asthma. Mold can cause hay fever-like symptoms in allergic people, including sneezing, coughing, and red eyes. Look for green, white, or dark stains that form and change shape and a musty, stale smell that persists despite your best efforts to clean it up. To identify if you have mould in your carpet, buy a mould testing kit. 

  1. When you spot allergens

Allergens stick to carpets like sponges. No matter how frequently or carefully you clean your carpet, dirt, dust, pollen, mites, and many other annoyance-causing substances will inevitably find their way inside. Maintaining good hygiene and health in a home or business with carpet requires routine cleaning. Even the most diligent cleaning can sometimes leave allergens behind, and a carpet can only be cleaned and washed so many times before it begins to fade.


You must maintain the lifespan of your carpet by having it serviced at least once a year. Carpet stretching Canberra experts provide comprehensive carpet repair. But if you identify that the carpet cannot be maintained any further by cleaning, carpet restretching, fixing burns, etc., then you must replace it.

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