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How often should you do a hair treatment?

Nourishing, moisturizing, for bleached and damaged hair, against brittleness and splitting – it is easy to get confused in the abundance of hair masks on store shelves. It is even more difficult to choose the most effective one and achieve a noticeable effect from regular use. In this article you will read about the tips and features of using hair treatment.

What are the types of masks?

There is a wide diversity of hair masks and it’s worth choosing them according to the type of hair:

  • Moisturizing masks are suitable for dry and damaged hair, they prevent dryness and brittleness. They should be done twice a week, and kept for 10-15 minutes.
  • Nourishing masks are suitable for all types of hair: they saturate the hair with the necessary components, making it dense and strong. Such masks can be done once a week and kept on the hair for 5-15 minutes.
  • Restoring masks are required for damaged hair: after dyeing, sun exposure, active use of a curling iron. They help restore hair and nourish it. You can make a hair mask twice a week and keep it from 15 to 60 minutes. Such masks should be used on an ongoing basis.

Features of using hair masks

The average frequency of using masks in the general case is 1-2 times a week. However, it is still better to determine the frequency of use according to more specific conditions. It’s worth focusing on the type of hair treatment. Ultra-nourishing masks should not be done more than once a week, even if you have dry hair; you can add a second application per week – but apply the mask only to the ends of the hair. You should also be careful with oil masks: on average, the best frequency is up to 2 times a week. If you apply an oil mask (for example, on burdock oil, with castor oil and others) on the scalp, then it is better to limit yourself to 1 time per week. 

Very intensive masks for hair growth, especially warming ones, are used strictly once a week – and be sure to withstand the exposure time without exceeding. With dry masks that need to be diluted into gruel, everything is more complicated: some of them can be used even every other day, for example, amla powder, while others, cleansing, as well as ubtans, on the contrary, can be used up to 2 times a week. Therefore, when buying a hair mask, be sure to follow the instructions.

Which mask to choose?

It’s beneficial to choose hair treatment according to the needs of the hair. If you do not currently need nutrition and protein saturation, then nourishing masks will only make your hair heavier and thicker, making it more brittle. How to recognize which mask is needed? If the hair is weak, inelastic, does not hold styling well, fades, gets dirty quickly – you need moisturizing. If the hair is porous, empty, the ends break off, get tangled along the length, you need to start with moisturizing and then add hair treatment products. Eventually, consult a hair specialist to help you choose the best hair mask.

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