How Phil Mickelson Spent Over $1 Billion on Bets

The gambling shenanigans of Phil Mickelson are nothing new. This 53-year-old American professional golfer has headlined many pieces of news during this elaborate career. Excerpts from an upcoming book recently uncovered that he had spent over $1 billion in sports betting throughout his career.

The book is called Gambler: Secrets from a Life at Risk, written by none other than Billy Walters, one of the most famous sports bettors in the history of America.

Mr Walters was a close associate of Phil before the duo had a fallout during the Billy Walters trial. In case you don’t know, Billy was investigated for insider trading and sentenced to jail. Phil Mickelson was also mixed up in the deal, but he only ended up paying a $1 million fine.  

The book goes deep into Phil’s betting habits that Billy had the opportunity to witness up close for over 30 years!

Million dollar losses

According to NJbet, New Jersey online casino betting guide, Before Billy wrote about Phil Mickelson’s betting habits, another book published in 2022 stated that the 45 events winner lost close to $40 million in gambling over his career. This book is a biographical piece by Alan Shipnuck.

Billy Walters has nulled this claim with an even bolder claim in this new book. He writes, “Based on our relationship and what I’ve since learned from others, Phil’s gambling losses approached not $40 million as previously reported, but much closer to $100 million. In all, he wagered a total of more than $1 billion during the past three decades”.

Another shocking matter uncovered in the latest book is Phil’s attempt to bet on the Ryers Cup in 2012 when he was an active player. He decided to spend upwards of $400,000 for the USA to win the Cup.

In case you’re not aware, athletes are prohibited from betting on events they’re a part of. The legendary baseball player Pete Rose was banned in 1989 permanently for the same reason.

Since the excerpts of this new book came out, renowned personalities have been sharing their thoughts on social media. Chris Russo, for example, is furious at Billy for “using” Mickelson to sell his new books.

This makes sense because the general public can smell the bitterness of their relationship from miles. In an earlier interview, Billy Walters said that he never passed any insider information to Phil, and all he had to do was say it publicly.

Of course, Phil didn’t do it, which cost Billy his freedom, millions of dollars, and “a heartbreak he struggles with daily.” 

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