What Happened To Robbie Gould? All the Details You Need to Know!

Who is Robbie Gould?

Robbie Gould was born December 30 in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania and has become one of the top kickers in the NFL since debuting as an undrafted free agent with New England Patriots in 2005 as an undrafted free agent. However, early challenges led him to get released by both clubs before landing with Chicago Bears as an 11th year veteran, setting multiple records throughout his 11-year stint and eventually becoming their all-time leading scorer. Subsequently he played one season for New York Giants before moving onto San Francisco 49ers where his consistent and clutch performances have solidified his place among great kickers in this league.

Did Robbie Gould Retire?

No, Robbie Gould hasn’t officially retired from professional football. Although he parted ways with the San Francisco 49ers in March 2023, he remains active and in search of new teams to play with. In an interview with NBC Sports Bay Area in March 2023 he expressed a strong desire to continue playing even hinting that an extension might be possible with them. His track record and superior kicking abilities make him an invaluable asset that may soon sign up with another franchise looking for him as they need his experience and exceptional kicking skills a valuable commodity!

Is Robbie Gould Still With The 49ers?

Robbie Gould is no longer with the San Francisco 49ers, having ended his association with them in March 2023. He played for six seasons with the 49ers, even contributing significantly to their triumph in the 2022 NFC Championship. The 49ers, seeking a fresh direction, selected kicker Cade York in the 2023 NFL Draft, signaling their future intentions for the kicking department. Gould, in a recent interview, conveyed his openness to continue playing, yet stated he wouldn’t plead for a position or wait indefinitely for a decision.

Where is Robbie Gould Playing?

As of now, Robbie Gould is not affiliated with any NFL team, making him a free agent in the league. This status means he is available to negotiate and sign with any franchise interested in his services. Despite his release from the 49ers in 2023, his stellar records—88.3% success in field goals and 99.3% accuracy in extra point attempts—speak volumes of his capabilities. He is anticipated to be a valuable acquisition for any team, given his proven ability to change games with his kicks. While there hasn’t been any confirmation, NFL enthusiasts and experts are eagerly watching to see where this distinguished kicker will land next.

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