How the Founder of Soul Zhang Lu and Her Team Kept Users Safe in Q3 2023?

Recently, Soul released their “2023 Third Quarter Ecological Security Report”. It outlined the plan used by Soul Zhang Lu and her team, and offered a detailed explanation of how the app tackled intrusive and dangerous online security issues. 

In this quarter, Soul Zhang Lu and her team not only updated existing security features but also launched multiple new initiatives to cover the most pressing security concerns of Soul App users. 

These problems are common across the social media spectrum. Nevertheless, most platforms are unable to address them effectively and completely. And that is what makes Soul’s initiatives and their success rate, which was described with actual figures, worthy of discussion. 

From tackling telecom fraud to bolstering user-led community governance and from setting social etiquette standards to stopping online harassment, Soul’s major initiatives had a single-minded goal to enhance user experience on the platform while making their safety a priority in the online ecosystem. 

Alerting Users to Fraud and Scams

Undoubtedly, online fraudsters are sneaky. But, Soul’s strike rate on this front is 98%. Under the leadership of CEO – Soul Zhang Lu, the app has maintained the approach of steering clear of potential security pitfalls from the get-go.

For example, Soul does not allow money transfers on the platform. The issue about monetary transactions is that they redirect users to third-party platforms, and that’s where users are out of the security cover of the platform. So, to prevent members from inadvertently marching into the danger zone, the app has a twofold initiative in place.

  1. The platform warns users with popup risk warnings for messages with redirect intent, and
  2. The app locks high-risk dialogues

In other words, Soul wants users to know exactly where they are headed before they find themselves in troubled waters. So, users are required to answer anti-fraud questions if they want to unlock high-risk dialogues. To add more power to this feature, in 2023, the app updated its anti-fraud question bank.

However, a social platform doing its bit to counter online fraud is never enough. So, the Soul team partnered with law enforcement on multiple occasions in 2023 to combat fraudulent activities and to educate users on anti-fraud measures.

Encouraging Users to Say “No” to Online Harassment

Soul has taken a stand against online harassment and the app is inviting its members to be a part of the team by signing the “Anti-Cyberbullying Agreement”. Also, when users search for a cyber-bullying-related keyword, the platform invites them to join the “Soul Star Anti-Online Violence Convention”.

Furthermore, the system guides members on protecting themselves using the “No More Talk Today” feature, which currently has a default duration of 72 hours. Additionally, 2023 saw more control being handed to Soul users, with the introduction of the innovative “Message Box” feature. This one lets users decide whether they want to mute, ban, or report potentially offensive messages.

These days, users can throw a “Rotten Tomato” at someone who has broken the social etiquette rules. The person who was hit will have their points deducted. So, this is a playful and funny way of “retaliation”.

As an extra measure of protection, Soul also has a penalty system in place that restricts the private chat functionality of frequent violators and brings down their social etiquette points. Simply put, nobody gets away with bad behavior on Soul! 

Walking the Walk with Safety of the Community by the Community 

Capitalizing on Gen Z’s willingness to shoulder the responsibility of user-led governance, Soul is using a community-co-governance model that creates a collaboration between users and Soul’s team to manage the environment of the online ecosystem. 

At this time, the platform boasts 13,828 members who are actively involved in the platform’s disciplinary committee. Moreover, Soul is also inviting community members to become anti-fraud pioneers in a bid to foster a safe and positive environment.   

The “Discipline Committee” is another initiative that makes users a part of the Soul evolution. A unique arbitration measure that is wholly community-led, this feature is all about content recommendations that encourage positivity and warm and friendly interactions on the platform.

Soul also currently has 23,533 content recommendation officials. They are all app users who use the democratic approach of crowd voting to showcase positive and encouraging moments on the content square.

The Numbers are a Testament to How Effective Soul Zhang Lu Has Been in Her Efforts

According to Soul’s “2023 Third Quarter Soul Ecological Security Report”, the platform:

  • Prevents 5500+ instances of online bullying and harassment every day.
  • Stops 1700+ cases of uncivilized behavior in private chats, daily. 
  • Has sent out 222,000+ reminders to promote civility and friendliness in private conversations.
  • Boasts 130,000+ users who have promised to keep the platform fun and positive by signing Soul’s Declaration for Friendly Interactions.

And that’s what makes Soul, not just another social platform but, an online sanctuary for young users who are keen on a metaverse experience that is full of good vibes and has none of the perils that come with online anonymity.

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