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How to Ace Class 9 Olympiad

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Class 9 is a foundation of class 10, even of class 11 and 12 also. Students find class 9 problematic as till then they were studying for school exams only now their goal is board exams. Also, the curriculum for class 9 is quite difficult due to changes in the curriculum. Class 9 syllabus provides the basic knowledge of the concept that students are going to study in more detail in the upcoming future. That’s why it is very important to study hard with full concentration in this class. Class 9 concepts are also going to help in clearing various competitive exams like NTSE, Olympiads, etc.

Benefits of Olympiads

  1. Olympiads are designed to test the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the students.
  2. Olympiads prepare the students for the competitive exams in the upcoming future.
  3. Olympiads help students to enhance their knowledge on a higher level.
  4. Olympiads provide detailed knowledge to the students about every topic.
  5. It helps in increasing the confidence level among the students.
  6. Olympiads are held on both national and international levels which gives students great exposure to test their capabilities and skills.
  7. Olympiads scholars are also rewarded with certificates and scholarships which encourages the students.

Important books:

  • NCERT Books

NCERT is the most recommended book for class 9, by the teachers. Students must refer to NCERT as it includes all the basic concepts. It is the best book for gaining basic knowledge. Mostly the problem arises among the students which book they should prefer as there are numerous books in the market by different authors. This usually increases the pressure and confusion among the students. NCERT provides comprehensive knowledge on every topic. Whether preparing for an exam or Olympiad one must finish the full-fledged NCERT book.

Few reasons why students should prefer NCERT books:

1. Easy language

The language of NCERT books is easy and simple which makes it easy to understand the concepts.

2. Better Understanding

NCERT books provide a better understanding of every topic. It is easy to grasp from NCERT books. Also, it has good examples which develop the interest of the students.

3. As per the CBSE curriculum

NCERT books are based on the latest CBSE curriculum.  NCERT includes all the latest updates done by CBSE.

  • IMO Workbook and sample papers

Every Year IMO issues a workbook and sample paper sets for practice for Olympiads. Students should purchase and practice from these sample papers and workbooks. This is the best source for preparation for the Olympiads as it gives students an idea about the exam pattern and important topics. Students can also refer to IMO Math Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper Class 9 2012.

Exam pattern:

The Olympiad exam is for a total of 60 marks and consists of a total of 50 questions. The paper is divided into 4 sections. Section 1 is related to logical reasoning. It includes 15 questions of one mark each. Section 2 is related to mathematical reasoning. It includes 20 questions of one mark each. Section 3 is related to everyday mathematics. It consists of 10 questions of one mark each, related to the class 9 CBSE, ICSE, state board, and international board’s academic syllabus, and section 4 is the achiever’s section. It includes 5 High order thinking questions (HOTS) of 3 marks each.

Important Topics

Some important topics for class 9 Olympiad point of view are:

  1. Number System 
  2. Polynomials 
  3. Coordinate Geometry 
  4. Linear Equation In Two Variables 
  5. Lines And Angles 
  6. Triangles 
  7. Quadrilaterals 
  8. Areas Of Parallelogram 
  9. Circles 
  10. Geometric Constructions 
  11. Heron’s Formula 
  12. Surface Area & Volumes 
  13. Statistics 
  14. Probability

How to prepare for Class 9 Olympiads:

It is not very difficult to score good marks in Class 9 Olympiads. Students can follow the following tips to prepare for the Olympiad:

  • Know the syllabus 

Students should know the syllabus before preparing for any exam. They should understand the syllabus, exam pattern, and important topics for the exam. For that students should solve sample papers and past year question papers.

  • Manage time Efficiently

Time management plays an important role when one is preparing for a competitive exam. If students prepare for the exam they have to manage time efficiently among all the subjects and also while giving the exam they should manage to finish the exam within the time duration.

  • Follow a timetable

Students should prepare a time and strictly follow it. The Olympiad takes place nearly in November or December. So, students have to finish their syllabus by then. If they prepare for the very start, they end up securing a good rank.

  • Give Mock tests

The institution issues a sample paper booklet before the exam. Sample papers give an understanding of the exam pattern and syllabus. Solving sample papers will boost the confidence among the students. One can find out where they are lacking, where they have to put more effort, and what their weak areas are. By solving the sample papers one also learns time management.

  • Practice past year questions

Practicing past year’s questions papers is a self-assessment. It gives an idea about the actual exam pattern. Students get to know which types of questions are important for exam purposes. It gives the students a reality check about the actual difficulty level of the exam. Students can find the previous year’s questions from online as well as offline sources. The Internet provides this facility one can just search and they can also find the answer key online to check their answers.

  • Complete NCERT

Students should complete full-fledged NCERT before they start with another book. NCERT clears the basics. One should practice all the exercise questions and examples from it as it includes some important questions. 

  • Begin with basics.

Students should always start with basics then they should try to solve difficult questions. Math will become easy if one’s base will be strong and concepts are clear. 

  • Practice every type of questions 

Practice both easy and difficult questions from the same topic. Students generally ignore the easy question but they too are important. 

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