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How to best use in Canva

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In this blog, we will talk about the most popular graphic designing app, “CANVA”. It is the most useful tool to create beautiful images and also to enhance them. The photos provided by the canva are very assorted and even in the free plan, you get the access to many wonderful photos.

What is Canva?

Canva is a perfect graphic design tool for everyone, even for those who aren’t experienced. Many people think that it is only an image designing tool, but no, it is way more than this. You can create everything from printable templates to PDFs and from PDFs to invoices, flyers, and infographics. This is suitable for business owners, entrepreneurs, organizers, and also for marketers, and students. We can say that almost everyone who wants to design something quickly. It also provides a very reasonable plan and offers a free plan also

Canva’s Top Features

1. Photo effects to improve photos

Canva has many effects to improve your photos. You can add filters to pictures that Canva gives, you too can upload your pictures. when you select a photo you can add these effects from the top of the canva editor. These effects will let you to flip, crop, add filters, effects and modify the brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, blurriness, etc of your photo. well! an effects tab is also provided to let you add effects or filters such as Duotone, Background eraser, Liquify, and many more cool features to edit. Most of the effects provided by the canva are available with the free plan, but some of the features like the Background eraser, need a subscription plan.

2. Get many photos, videos, and templates

You get access to 75+ million photos and videos and 420,000+ templates with the Canva Pro subscription. hence, you get free access to a fraction of this. To use the free, paid or pro templates in canva all you need to do is to, click the templates tab whenever you open the editor. the canva will suggest a range of templates based on the design type and the category you have selected. You also get the advantage to scroll or search the templates by a particular color or language. You can also upload your own photos by choosing the upload tab. You also get the entrance to photos and videos directly from Pixels, Google Drive, Pixabay, Instagram, Dropbox, and many more websites.

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3. Option to choose from many icons, shapes, and stickers

Canva has an Element tab where you can find many icons, shapes, stickers, charts, graphs, maps, grids, pitches, and much more. You can use these icons, shapes, etc to enhance your images and adjust the color, transparency, and size to make them more attractive.

4. A big Font library

Canva has a big font library under the Text tab. in this you can find lots of fonts, differing from simple to complex, even with unique fonts and font pairs too. you can also search the font on canva and it will find the same or relevant font for you. You can choose any pair of fonts and can add them to your text.

5. Access to the drag-and-drop editor

Canva’s drag-and-drop editor made the work easy with photos, videos, templates, elements, and fonts. you can select what you require to design, and this will present all the related things. You can add these simply by the drag-and-drop editor and make many beautiful changes. You should be able to create your visuals in minutes. If you have used the templates before, you can probably make them in seconds.

6. Create more than just an image

Many people think that Canva is only for creating images and templates But wait, you can make invitations, business cards, blog banners, cover images, planners, newsletters, cafe menus, any kind of certificates, workbooks, plans, flyers, and many more. it provides many resources for online education also.

7. Animate the image

It offers you to apply animation effects and filters. Just choose the Animate option. This will show you all the effects and filter you can apply. it provides many free effects like Block, Fade, Pan, and Rise.

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8. Directly publish to social media

Just like many of the online photo editors, Canva also allows you to share your enhanced images directly to the top social media platforms. A very useful feature it has provided is to schedule your posts over social media, it also includes Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn profiles, Instagram, LinkedIn pages, Slack, and Tumblr.

9. Plan the content with a content planner

This is the latest feature of canva, in this, you can see all the images you have scheduled over social media.

10. The brand Kit, specially designed for your brand!

The Band Kit is an accommodation area where you can store all your brand assets, like fonts, brand colors, including logos. The foremost advantage is that you quickly get access to assets while creating or designing.

The cons of canva:

So, Canva gives you amazing features with a user-friendly interface, but it also has a few cons that you should know.

  • It does not provide any local file storage.
  • Overuse of Plans.
  • No Source File is provided.
  • You need to pay for many features.
  • The mobile app of canva has fewer features than the desktop version.
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