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How to Build a Public Park in Your Community

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Recent statistics show that three-quarters of Americans use park and recreation services. A public park is superb for engaging community members and attracting visitors.

Especially on warm days, citizens like to spend time outdoors and want to find positive and uplifting activities. With the right park design, you can create happiness and joy for people of all ages, backgrounds, and much more.

How do you design a park that will bring the community people together? Here are the most significant considerations to help you plan your public park.

Location, Location, Location

You cannot start until you find the perfect spot to build. Consider this if you think you know the right location before moving ahead.

First, is it accessible for everyone, regardless of if they wish to take a car, a bike, or public transportation? A community park must be inclusive, so it must be a place where anyone can get to.

Then, consider the surrounding area. While it is nice to have the beautiful nature surrounding a park design, something else should drive traffic here. Is the location particular or historic?

Finally, you want to consider safety for the public. Choose an area with low crime, open space, and plenty of light.

Build a Park That Fits the Community

You want regular visitors and the community to enjoy the park. This means that you must consider who will visit often. Is it an elderly community, or are there many young couples with young kids?

Design a park that fits the market. The elderly would prefer a community park that is within walking distance. Meanwhile, families with small children would enjoy a park central to multiple district schools.

Design a Park With the Community

Don’t work in a silo. You want to build a park that the community will love, so bring members of the community in when you are designing it.

Gathering feedback will help identify both strengths and weaknesses.

Consider Architecture and Landscaping

You may have a specific vision in mind when planning a park.

However, what you want the layout to be may not fit the area you choose. You will want to take into consideration the natural terrain in the area.

Offer Multiple Activities at the Community Park

You will attract more visitors when you can offer more for them to do while they visit the park. There can be places to play sports, like tennis courts and basketball hoops. The public park can have swings and slides for the little ones.

Restrooms and water fountains are beneficial for visitors. For adults, you can offer a pavilion and grills for cookouts and even rent out for parties. We recommend you check out Polly Products for benches, tables, and more.

Design a Public Park For All

That’s what a community park does. It brings people together. If you want a public park to achieve this goal, consider the location and market, gather feedback from the local citizens, design it to fit the landscape, and offer multiple activities.

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