How to Charge laptop with HDMI

Is it possible to charge your laptop with an HDMI cable? We saw this question mainly on the internet that’s why we decided to write an article to help you. And the answer is yes; you can use your laptop with HDMI. But why should we charge our laptop with HDMI? 

There are many reasons to do it. If you have to travel and don’t want to take many things with you, you can choose this option to charge your laptop. 

There is another situation where you need to charge your laptop with HDMI. If your charger might crash, and you need to complete your assignment, which you have to submit tomorrow in college, you can choose this option to charge your laptop for teachers.

At college, before an important class, if your laptop’s battery gets down, then you can charge your laptop with HDMI and can save from embarrassment.

Is it safe to Charge your Laptop with HDMI?

A laptop that comes with a charging adaptor with controlled current and voltage. HDMI is a perfect option to watch your favorite HD movies but charging a laptop with it is not recommended by experts. However, without a severe compulsion, don’t use HDMI to charge your laptop.

How to Charge laptop with HDMI

There are two methods to charge your laptop with HDMI. Let’s explore them.

Method 1

If your laptop doesn’t have an HDMI port, then you should use this method to charge your laptop. Make sure to have the things which are mentioned below to charge your laptop.

  • Check that your laptop has a USB type C port.
  • Whether there is an HDMI adaptor cable.
  • And there is an adaptor or connector to covert type C USB and HDMI.

Now connect the HDMI cable with the LCD to support your HDMI. After that, use the HDMI with any type C connector or adaptor and combine it with another cable. Now plug in the USB type C connector to the port of the laptop. Here your work is done.

Method 2

The second method is for those laptops that come with an HDMI port. This method is easy to use because it doesn’t require so many accessories. By using this method, you can charge your laptop, chrome book, and notebook. You needed the things to charge your laptop are mentioned below.

  • TV that supports HDMI in port.
  • An HDMI cable.

The method of charging a laptop with HDMI is too quick and easy. You need to plug in the HDMI cable with the support of your TV’s HDMI. After that, you need to connect the adaptor with the support of your laptop’s port. See how easy it is.

Now you have got your answer about how to charge a laptop with HDMI quickly. Whenever you are stuck somewhere and don’t have your charging adaptor or misplaced your charger, you can use this method to charge your laptop for nursing students. But still, we suggest you arrange another charging adaptor to make your laptop durable. For similar articles you can also visit this website

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