How to choose the best door hardware set for your home

Thinking of renovating your house with some new fancy-looking doors? Or have you bought a new house and can’t choose what door to use? Here are some pieces of information that could save you a lot of time. Choosing the right door hardware is a daunting task. You don’t even know where to start because there are so many options. The first thing you should think about is the color.

1.Choose your colour

It might seem like a simple choice. Before deciding on one particular colour, it’s important to take into account the style of the home, the entrance, the surrounding colours, and the colours that are used inside. It’s also important to consider the amount of light that will be hitting the door. You can choose to match the colour with the walls the door goes with, and choose a colour that has a big saturation effect. Be creative. Black is the most popular. You should also think about the material.


The material is a big aspect of doors, if you have a door made out of cardboard, it’s not going to perform well in a hurricane. The best materials to use are wood, fibreglass, and aluminium. Again, the colour should match the door itself. The most commonly used materials are wood, steel, fibreglass, and glass. Wood stays the classic, it gives a fancy look that everyone loves. Different types of woods exist, the most common ones are walnut, cherry, oak, mahogany, maple, pine, and fir. Usually, the best thickness for a wooden door is from 25mm to 35mm (according to Google). The thicker the door is, the more details for the beauty are possible. However, a wooden door needs periodic varnishing or painting to keep its best look. Steel is an excellent material that has excellent weather resistance and excellent security. It is stronger than wood and glass and won’t crack or warp. There are custom steel doors that look like wood. Glass doors may seem insecure but modern Doors2Floors glass doors have all the safety measures in them. It’s also gaining popularity. Fibreglass is a common choice. It is resistant, has a lot of different textures, and requires a little bit to no maintenance. But the cheap ones should be avoided, they can crack under an impact. 


Security is the most important thing about a door: it needs to protect you. The locking mechanism needs to be good, if it fails to open or lock, you are in big trouble. So you should look for a door that has a reinforced metal strike plate and a deadbolt of a minimum of one inch. If you buy a door with a window or a side window,  the glass should be bulletproof and sledgehammer-proof. Nowadays you can get a door with a locking system that you can unlock via your phone.


Most of the doors swing in but in exceptional situations, the door can’t swing in because of a few problems(for example there is no space), so it can swing out. The hinges will be placed in different places depending on which way the door swings.

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