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Many online casinos with world-renowned reputations have noticed that they get the bulk of their gaming revenue from online slots. The basis for this pattern is contained in the essence of slot games. Unlike other online casino games, online slot games do not require strategic abilities of the player, and the chance to win depends entirely on luck. It can be tried at There are various strategies to increase the chance of winning up to 100 percent to turn fortune on its side.

Such tricks are especially useful for novice players who have decided to ride their luck and siphon off the jackpot. For them, such strategic tricks will be useful.

This article will help beginners learn what they should remember and know before entering the online casino gaming arena.

Choose licensed casinos

In a number of countries (take Norway as an example), there are unlicensed casinos that are actively in demand. The advice in this case is simple: refuse them. Highly probable that the slot machines without a license is not set up in favor of the player, but the casino. Victory will constantly elude the player, and no cunning tricks, strategies will not help.

We strongly recommend playing at licensed casinos under the ownership of known gambling regulators. The advice has several good reasons:

Players will feel 100 percent confident that the game is fair. Casinos with a license are required to pass various fair play tests. An honest casino is easier to play at.

Licensed platforms go through many checks for compliance with the gaming rules.

Make a choice in favor of famous developers

Let’s say you’ve found a casino with a license. Now you need to make sure that you choose slot games from popular creators. The most relevant slot machine developers are Microgaming, Yggdrasil Play, N Go, Netent. Advice to newcomers: register to multiprofile platforms, they will be able to provide access to different slots from different manufacturers. This tip does not mean that you have to neglect the games from little-known creators. You can always use their slots, but it is better to make sure of their credibility. Look for information about their activities, get to know them better.

Choose your bets wisely

Study the betting range carefully and compare it to your bankroll limits. This is one of the most essential tips in our article if you want to choose the right slot machine.

We recommend that you stick to the following strategy: if your desire is to get a decent winnings, and your bankroll is quite large, then feel free to look for slot games with high stakes. If you have the opposite situation (small bankroll, low spending limit), it is better to be wary of machines where there are high stakes.

If you study the slot games carefully, you will notice that most of them have a minimum bet of $0.10 and a maximum of $50. If you have a sufficient bankroll, this is the ideal range for you. If it is lower, then we recommend searching for online slots with minimum bets of $0.01.

Slots with progressive jackpot

Agree, the ultimate dream of any beginner player is to win the progressive jackpot overnight and become fabulously rich. If you include yourself in this number, you can try your hand at such games. Remember, however, that there are slot games where payouts often exceed five-figure or even seven-figure payouts.

History remembers such players who won the jackpot and took home seven-figure payouts. That was in games from Microgaming. If you are a new player, we suggest you try your hand there. In addition, you can try your luck in games from Mega Moolah.

Refunds to the player – RTP

Many newcomers to slot machines, this point may seem too complicated, arcane and incomprehensible, but it is extremely important. There is a term: “Return to Player” (literal translation: “return to the player”, briefly – RTP). It is necessary for online casinos to describe the final percentage of all money bet on the slot machines. This percentage is returned to the players after a certain period of time.

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say you bet $10 on a slot machine that has a 90 percent RTP. After a while you can get back about $900 in winnings. So, the next tip is this: look for slot machines with about a 95 percent RTP. Experts believe that it is best to choose slot machines with an RTP above 96 percent, but you will have to try hard to find them.

At first it may seem that 

Slots games – it’s easy and simple: “came, saw, won,” as in a perfect fairy tale. In fact, you have to choose your slot machines responsibly and thoughtfully if you really want to win big. Like many things in life, slot games are a choice that is always left to you.

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