What are mini dental implants?

Surely you have heard about dental implants and how useful they are to restore the functionality of missing teeth. They are fixed, stable, very resistant and have the shape and naturalness of the tooth you have lost. But what happens when it is not possible to use a complete dental implant?

Today at Chagger Dental, your best dentist in Ontario, we want to talk to you about mini dental implants.

Aim, that you will be interested in everything.

What are mini dental implants?

Currently, dental implants do not stop advancing, which is why when a person considers dental restoration, mini implants can become one of the most striking innovations.

What characterizes these mini-implants is that they are provisional and for cases of immediate loading. They are composed of screw-shaped titanium roots that have smaller dimensions, around 2 mm in diameter.

What are mini dental implants for?

The most important function of this technique is to stabilize a dental prosthesis or to replace a missing tooth. Above all, they are used while endosteal implants heal to allow immediate loading.

It is also important that you know that there are mini-implants designed to be used permanently and for those people who do not have sufficient bone height and who cannot perform a bone graft or a surgical technique.

We would like to add that although it is possible to use mini-implants for full dentures, in such cases it is better for the person intending to replace all teeth to consider a traditional dental implant.

Differences between implant and mini dental implant

Despite what you may think, an implant is not better than a mini implant and vice versa. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages and one or the other alternative is chosen depending on what your dentist recommends.

The big difference is that a dental implant is a long-term and durable solution, which requires a greater investment, while a mini dental implant requires a much simpler technique and is used as a provisional prosthesis.

What are the advantages of mini dental implants?

The first advantage is perhaps the most significant, and it is that it is a comfortable, resistant intervention and minor surgery. It entails a faster recovery for the patient and does not require sutures, so it takes even less time to rehabilitate. In addition, they are very easy to clean since they usually do not retain practically any type of food.

And thanks to these mini-implants, as we have already mentioned, they can be used in people with little bone, something unthinkable until they began to be used.

How much does a mini dental implant cost?

A mini dental implant usually has a much lower price than a normal dental implant, and although we would like to shuffle different numbers, the reality is that it depends a lot on the dental clinic you go to.

There are mini dental implants with different prices depending on your specific case and your personal situation, since we adapt to you to offer you the best possible treatment. The material from which it is made can also influence the price, since it can vary significantly in the final budget.

What are mini-implants in orthodontics for?

You may have resorted to this article to find out what are mini-implants in orthodontics. In these cases, using mini-implants in the world of orthodontics allows predictable results to be obtained without scares or adverse effects on brackets and orthodontics.

And they serve for:

  • Avoid making extractions in some cases.
  • They help to avoid orthognathic surgery, with a much simpler and cheaper process.
  • They help prevent unwanted tooth movement.
  • Generate absolute dental movements, without affecting the teeth that should not move.
  • Camouflage skeletal problems in a dental way, such as dental intrusion, or mass retraction of a dental arch.

Are mini dental implants what I need?

To find out if mini dental implants are ideal for your day to day, it is important that you go to a specialist who can advise you on the matter.

At Chagger Dental you will find a dental team in Southern Ontario who will put all their effort, work, and experience into carrying out a complete study to assess whether it is advisable for you to use mini dental implants.

Book an appointment with us and we will be happy to analyze your situation thoroughly.

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