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How to find best vietnam clothing manufacturers?

The best Vietnam clothing manufacturers are being interested in many customers because of the quality as well as the variety of different designs and models. Therefore, meet the needs of customers and earn high profits. Learn how to find quality clothes with Clothing manufacturers in Vietnam Dugarco right now.

1. Overview of Vietnam’s clothing production market

The volume of clothing produced in Vietnam last year was 5.2 million items. Between 2010 and 2020, the amount increased substantially year after year, until dropping somewhat in 2020 because of the pandemic. According to projections, the Vietnamese clothing sector might be worth $3.13 billion by 2022.

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The garment and textile industry in Vietnam is divided into three sub-sectors: the upstream sector for fibre production, the midstream sector for textiles and dye, and the downstream sector for garment manufacture. Subsectors that manufacture fibres or textiles are primarily intended for home consumption.

Meanwhile, garment manufacturing accounts for over 70% of the total clothing and textile sector, with cut-make-trim (CMT) operations being the primary activity. CMT accounts for around 65% of overall exports, whereas more complex business models such as original equipment manufacturing and original design manufacturing account for only 35%.

2. Advantages of clothing manufacturers in Vietnam

Made in vietnam clothing brands enjoy preferential advantages from clothing manufacturers in terms of cost, raw materials and labor. As a result, many factories are growing and making profits after only one year.

2.1 Cheaper

Reasonable pricing is the primary driver for discovering clothes manufacturers in Vietnam. According to numerous sources in 2021, outsourcing your clothes products from Vietnam clothing manufacturers is less expensive than from China clothing manufacturers since the Vietnamese monthly minimum salary for workers is less than the Chinese minimum wage.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that Vietnamese clothing is frequently of higher quality even if it is produced at the same price as clothes made in China. Additionally, firms can significantly lower the tax rates when transferring Vietnamese garment products to the EU market thanks to the new free trade agreements. Vietnam is one of the top ten countries in the world for finished garment production in terms of quality, but it is also one of the most affordable nations to source your apparel from.

2.2 Abundant human resources

When picking a clothes manufacturer, lead time is the main factor that fast fashion and casual wear manufacturers take into account. Contrary to designer products, which might take months or even years to manufacture, casual firms must launch their finished product as soon as possible in order to stay on trend.

Finding made in Vietnam clothes online can show you that the country has a vast pool of knowledgeable individuals who can grasp your concepts quickly and ensure that you receive the products when trends emerge. The time needed for designing, producing fabric, testing sample production, and mass production will be significantly reduced by working with Vietnamese apparel manufacturers.

2.3 Advantages of position and free trade

The free trade and tax benefits of finding clothes manufacturers in Vietnam are further draws. Vietnam has numerous free trade agreements (FTAs) with various governments across the world, including South Korea, Australia, and every ASEAN member state. 

The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) and the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), also known as UKFTA, were recently signed by Vietnam. These agreements present several prospects for both domestic and foreign investors and garment makers.

3. Criteria when looking for quality and reputable clothing manufacturers in

The criteria when looking for a quality and reputable clothing manufacturer often depend on many factors that both sellers and buyers need to pay attention to. It is the thing to help customers make the right decisions while purchasing so that when using quality.

3.1 Capacity and ability to provide clothes for partners

The capacity and supply ability of the best Vietnam clothing manufacturers is very rich and diverse in both quantity and quality. All suppliers have modern scale and production lines. Some companies such as Dony Garment, Qickfeat or T.T.P Garment.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, enterprises all over the world have fled to Vietnam as a textile and clothing supply alternative. Vietnam is on its approach to becoming the world’s most popular alternative supplier and a big participant in the apparel industry. Since then, numerous organizations have been continually modifying their business strategy to response to the present climate.

3.2 Reasonable price and quality assurance

As described in earlier sections, you must choose between domestic and abroad apparel producers based on your preferences. While there are advantages and disadvantages to dealing with domestic or international apparel manufacturers, you must examine the expenses of affordability vs quality.

Domestic apparel makers would provide superior quality at a higher cost. Overseas clothing producers provide uncommon clothing material that is not commonly found in your area. It is ultimately up to you to decide which manufacturer can supply you with a greater product quality at a price that is competitive with your present company expenses.

3.3 Factory reliability in the international market

The reliability of the factory in the international market is assessed by the production process and the finished product. Therefore, the investment in modern and advanced machinery and equipment makes production easy. Today, the best Vietnam clothing manufacturers

 all apply modern production lines, imported from abroad. Therefore, the model is increasingly diverse, meeting the needs of customers.

Under the method, the firm enters into licensing agreements with foreign enterprises in which foreign enterprises are allowed the right to utilise the exporting company’s know-how, such as patents, processes, or trademarks, on the conditions of the agreement, with or without financial investment.

4. List of clothing made in vietnam

Referring to the list of clothing brands made in Vietnam, there are many diverse options corresponding to each certain field. Each product has a high economic value and is essential for human beings.

4.1 Shirt/Bloue

Shirts are appropriate for every occasion, from your everyday hangout to your first job interview, and even during your wedding if you are the groom. As a result, no shirt maker in Vietnam wants to overlook this product in their production queue.Dress shirts, ship collar shirts, Cuban collar shirts, denim shirts, and more shirt styles are available from Dugarco. 

A range of materials are available for custom-made shirts. Cotton is the most popular fabric available. Cotton is an excellent fabric to use since it is a durable fiber that is comfortable to the touch. Cotton is also one of the less expensive textiles. Various materials used include combed cotton, organic cotton, other shirt textiles, polyester, and linen.

4.2 Jacket

A jacket is a garment whose upper body usually reaches below the hips. The best Vietnam clothing manufacturers use it popularly in their collections. Except when the weather turns hot or cold, this garment is comfortable to wear all day. 

For the winter, you may want to wear a cotton jacket rather than any other form of garment. It is logical since cotton garments provide clients with ease because they are easy to wash. Furthermore, cotton is a material that makes clothing lightweight and portable.

4.3 Vietnam Kidswear Manufacturer

When selecting a manufacturer, kidswear is one of those things that need careful thought. However, clothes producers in Vietnam can guarantee their excellent caliber work. Children’s pajamas, shirts, pants, hats, and other clothing items can all be created from clothes made in Vietnam

Vietnamese-made children’s clothing is light in weight, soft, breathable, absorbent, quick-drying, eco-friendly, soft & silky, antibacterial, and has a natural UV function whether it is made of bamboo, cotton, organic cotton, or combined with various percentages of spandex. However, you should pay close attention to the size of children’s apparel because the Vietnamese size chart may not match the US or European size charts.

4.4 Eco friendly clothing

Today, organic cotton and recycled polyester are the only fabric types employed in the factories of all eco-friendly garment makers. Because of their needs for sustainability and environmental friendliness, the fashion industry is now interested in becoming an eco-friendly clothes maker. 

Additionally, washing synthetic fabrics like polyester is thought to be the source of 35% of all microplastics, tiny pieces of plastic that never dissolve, in the ocean. The best Vietnam clothing manufacturers use eco-friendly fabrics because of its environmentally safe decomposition and reuse.

5. Dugarco – best vietnam clothing manufacturers

Dugarco was founded in 1990 and today has over 25 sites distributed over North Vietnam. We have employed over 8000 people and have over 200 modern production lines. By producing high-quality items, the firm has earned the trust of its customers. As a result, this is one of the brands that manufactures clothing in Vietnam for the US, UK, and Australian markets.

Every year, we make 11,000,000 shirts, 3,000,000 jackets and blazers, 150,000 suits, 2,000,000 pants, 1,500,000 knitwear, and 2,000,000 uniforms, as well as labor safety gear. In addition, some of the partners that Dugarco provides clothing products are:

  • Barbour
  • Taifun
  • Windsor
  • Gerry Weber
  • Calvin Klein
  • Tahari
  • Toray

Above is the article best Vietnam clothing manufacturers that Dugarco brings to readers. Hope you will have more new knowledge after reading and feeling. If you are looking for quality clothing products, visit Dugarco now. Wish you a good day!

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