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Themed Parties at Home Made Easy

It’s always fun to have a get-together with friends. While a casual party is easy to throw together (with the right planning, of course), having a theme for your event can make it a memorable one. Themed parties are a great way to celebrate birthdays, Christmas, graduations, or even the first big barbeque of the summer in your backyard. Planning a themed party can seem overwhelming at first. When you actually get down to it though, they are not only fairly easy to plan but are actually a lot of fun too. Read on for our top tips on how to plan the perfect themed party. 

  1. Choose the Theme

Sometimes the theme is obvious. A birthday girl who loves The Little Mermaid deserves to have a Little Mermaid themed party complete with invitations, balloons, party crowns, and more. Similarly, picking the theme for graduation parties, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and the like is a no-brainer. 

If you’re throwing a party simply because you love hosting, then choosing a theme requires some thought. Think about your guests and what they might enjoy. Are they the sorts who would love getting dressed up in costumes? Or would hosting an easy-to-wear theme (like an Oscar night) be more appropriate for them? Think of the music and the food to go with the theme too. 

  1. Plan the Layout of Party

Take into account how much space you have, the theme of your party, and the number of guests you want to invite. Make sure you divide the space you have available into places for seating your guests, a dance floor or games (if that’s a part of your plan), and food and drink stations. Making spaces for groups of people to sit together instead of one big circle is always a good idea as people tend to break off into groups for a chat. Keep your food and drink spaces at a fair distance away to avoid crowding. 

Using elegant disposable dinnerware can add pizzazz to your food and drink stations.

  1. Give People Instagram Moments

You know your party is a hit when people are posting about it all over social media. Create an ‘Instagram Spot’ for people to take pictures to remember your party. You can get as creative as you like with it, providing it fits with the theme of course. Use themed decorating kits to create a space where your guests will want to snap away. While you’re at it, why not create a hashtag for your guests to use so they’ll be able to find pictures from your party easily?

Where to Get Your Party Essentials and Décor 

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