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How to Find Somewhere for Ilasik Near Me

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There are many today who need assistance in order to see. In fact, around a whopping seventy-five percent of the adult population are wearing contact lenses or glasses. While some are happy with this, I am sure that almost all would stop wearing them if they had the option. That is why I think everyone with a prescription for their vision has at least considered the possibility of having laser eye surgery. For laser eye surgery, lasik has always been the way forward and how it is achieved. And even now, it is proving to be very successful, and most are happy to recommend this treatment. But lasik is not the only option anymore. Yes, technological advances have meant that now, there is also the option for an ilasik procedure. So, many are asking, which one would be better for me and how can I find a clinic for lasik or ilasik near me?

First of all, we need to understand the difference between lasik and ilasik. For lasik surgery, an ophthalmologist will create a flap on your eye to enable them to get to the layer underneath. Once there, they can reshape the corneal tissue. This is all done using a microkeratome, or a small blade. It sounds pretty gruesome and the thought of entrusting someone to do this to your eyes may be nerve wrecking, but it is actually a very safe surgery to have and the ophthalmologists performing it are highly trained and skilled in the procedure. Although it is very safe, the microkeratome is being handled by human hands and so there is always going to be some risk involved. But that risk is very low.

The difference with ilasik is the accuracy with which it can accomplish its task. Without the involvement of human hands, it is much more accurate. No blades are used, instead everything is done by laser. Before the procedure is done, a 3D image of your eyes is made. This means that before the procedure goes ahead, any possible problems or complications will have already been detected. With such a detailed view of your eye in advance, the laser can be targeted and used in the most effective and safe way possible. For all of these reasons, many are now choosing to have ilasik instead.

If you are considering laser eye surgery, and struggling to decide which is best for you, do some further research, but please be assured that both options are considered very safe indeed.

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