How To Find The Best Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

A motorcycle accident lawyer is a type of personal injury lawyer that offers legal help to injured victims. The ultimate goal of motorcycle lawyers is to help their clients receive legal compensation from the guilty driver. People who get into a motorcycle accident can get severe injuries because they are completely exposed when they ride a motorcycle. And, motorcycle accidents have a higher risk of death than car accidents. If you get into a motorcycle accident, you are likely to get injured severely. So, make sure you have the right medical team and professional lawyer on your side. Because this is where having a professional Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer will help. 

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A motorcycle accident lawyer specializes in tort law, a law where guilty people are legally held responsible for their wrongful acts. So, they know very well in handling those guilty drivers and making them pay for their faulty actions. To receive your fully deserved compensation for your losses, you need to hire a professional motorcycle lawyer. The followings are the easiest ways to find the best motorcycle accident lawyer:

Ask for referral

The best place to start your search to find the best motorcycle accident lawyer is to ask for a referral. You can ask your family or your trusted friends to suggest you a motorcycle lawyer if they knew any. You can also Google search. If you search online, you will get many motorcycle lawyers but your goal is to choose the best motorcycle lawyer.

Check the motorcycle lawyer experience

All types of personal injury lawyers have different experiences. Therefore, do not make the mistake of assuming that an auto accident lawyer has the same experience as a motorcycle lawyer. The point is, if you get into a motorcycle accident, you need to hire a lawyer that deals with motorcycle accident cases every day. Specifically, find out how many motorcycle accident cases they have solved in the past year. This way, you will know whether that particular motorcycle lawyer understands the intricacies and nuances of motorcycle accidents. This knowledge can further help you get the possible settlement for your motorcycle accident case.

Review the motorcycle lawyer’s track record

Reviewing the motorcycle lawyer’s track record is important. So, find out how many motorcycle accident cases the lawyer has fought and how many succeeded, and how many lost. You will be looking for a motorcycle lawyer that can get you the most reasonable settlement. When checking their history, don’t forget to check their courtroom track record. 

Works on contingency fees

Almost all personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means that their fees will be paid only after a favorable settlement is set.  So, you do not need to give extra money to the hired motorcycle lawyer to work on your behalf. The average fees of personal injury lawyers range between 33% to 40%, or more if your case goes to trial. So, make sure you choose a motorcycle lawyer whose fee falls within this range. Your lawyer should make you understand the fee structure and give you a fee agreement to sign before handling your case. Remember, you should not give any extra money to the hired lawyer in addition to the contingency fee.

Has a communication schedule 

Most motorcycle accident cases usually take long periods to resolve or go to court. So, ask your lawyer what their communication schedules are. You should expect to hear about the progress of your case from your lawyer every after few weeks. You should be able to talk with your lawyer if you have any queries about your motorcycle case. So, make sure you hire a motorcycle lawyer that has an office setup where all these facilities are available. 

Reasons you need a motorcycle lawyer

You might not necessarily need a lawyer to fight your case. However, if you fight your case alone, you are likely to lose or receive a lower amount than you deserved. Moreover, you might not want to go to the insurance office to negotiate a fair settlement alone. Even if you do, the insurance company will only offer money to pay for your medical bills and repair your bike, and that’s it. To receive the possible compensation, you need strong evidence to prove that the other driver is responsible for your losses. Even if you have all the evidence, you still need to get an experienced motorcycle lawyer on your side to negotiate a fair settlement. Therefore, hiring an experienced motorcycle lawyer will help you receive every last penny you deserved. 

The followings are some of the common reasons to hire a motorcycle layer:

  • Motorcycle lawyers can help you understand your rights
  • They can offer legal advice
  • They can thoroughly investigate your crash
  • They can negotiate for a fair settlement
  • They can represent you in court

Types of Compensation

The followings are the types of compensation an injured victim can receive in motorcycle cases. However, compensation for each motorcycle accident case will be different because it depends on the unique fact and circumstances of each case. 

  • Medical bills
  • Repairing vehicles or replacing vehicles
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disability

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