How To Get Questcraft What’s Questcraft?

QuestCraft is the newly launched MOD is now available in the beta version. The MOD lets you use the VR Compatibility with Minecraft Java Edition. Minecraft Java Edition. The MOD was officially launched this week. The announcement was preceded by a trailer that showed how to use the MOD operating.

After the release, many Minecraft players in The United States started looking for ways to install it onto their devices. The MOD only comes in the BETA version, which is available via Github’s Official Github page.

After watching the trailer you may be drawn to the MOD and are looking for suggestions regarding how you can Get Questcraft.

What’s Questcraft?

Questcraft is the newest VR Java port for Minecraft to the Oculus Quest 2. It’s available for download for no cost, and users can download the BETA version. The MOD is requesting the latest Version that is available in Minecraft Java to use it.

The MOD serves as the wrapper that allows you to start Minecraft in the search. Although it is accessible with the Beta version, it has been said to have better performance however it is not rated as very excellent by a lot of users from the United States. The MOD is accessible through the Official Questcraft Github page.

Additionally, you can be able to find the installation instructions to follow on Github page to install. However, the process of installing is very difficult and requires an external MOD installation services.

Where can I get Questcraft?

The Questcraft is currently only in Beta Users who are interested should go to the official Questcraft Github page to obtain the MOD.

The Github page provides complete information regarding the installation procedure as well as the step-by-step instructions to install the MOD. Follow the steps below to download Questcraft.

What is the best way to Get Questcraft? A Few Things to Keep in Mind

You will require an internet connection of high speed for you to access Questcraft and to complete the initial set-up. Additionally, you must possess a valid and legal copies of Minecraft Java Edition to play. It’s free to install but requires a third-party install service.


Questcraft is available for download with the beta version of the Official Github page. Users who are interested and want to use the MOD can download the MOD from the Questcraft official Questcraft Github page.

The installation process is extremely complicated and you’ll need an external MOD installation service to be able to install the MOD to work on VR.

Are you currently using this MOD Questcraft? Share your experiences in the comments section. Installation through third-party source could be dangerous. Also, you should investigate and research thoroughly and we’ve provided the necessary information.

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