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How to increase the views of Stories on Instagram?

In the next lines you will find out how to increase the views of the stories of your Instagram profile. We will try to understand how to make the most of this extraordinary tool.

In August 2016, Instagram decided to introduce a new format that could compete with the emerging Snapchat. Even today this function is one of the most used by users.

I will reveal to you the most effective tricks and the most complex strategies that have allowed me to increase the views on my Instagram account by 30%. Results also replicated on our customers’ profiles.

Content quality

Whether you are looking to increase followers on Instagram or simply the views of your profile Stories, the first aspect to consider is the quality of the content. I will never tire of repeating it, quality is the basis of every strategy. Without it it is impossible to have success on Instagram. Especially in 2022, today the competition is very close.

Remember that to improve interactions on stories, you will need to improve the general parameters of your IG profile. For this reason, participating in our engagement group on Telegram could help you get more visibility.

But how can Buy Instagram Followers Singapore improve the quality of your stories and Instagram following? Let’s try to find out together.

The best apps for your Instagram Stories

Canva is an essential tool for those unfamiliar with graphics programs (I belong to this category). On Canva you will have a lot of templates for your Instagram Stories ready to use and customize to your liking. Look for the “Graphics for Instagram” section. The dimensions are already preset, the only thing left to do is customize the template and drag the elements you want to insert.

Unfold App

Even more intuitive and in some respects more complete is Unfold. This is probably the most complete application for your Instagram Stories. Unfold is available for both Android and iOS devices. First you need to download it in your store. Once the download is complete, the next step will be to open the application from your smartphone.

Unfold offers you different templates that you can use to create truly captivating stories. Below you will find a video tutorial in English that explains step-by-step how to best use this app. If you are not familiar with English, you can always activate the Italian subtitles. Ah, blessed YouTube.

Add music to your Instagram Stories

Still in the same tutorial I just showed you, you will find another application. It’s called Add Music and as you may have guessed, this app allows you to add music to your Instagram Stories. Once downloaded, create a new project and upload the story you just created thanks to Unfold. There are several music tracks available that you can choose depending on the content to be published. There is really plenty of choice.

How to increase the views of stories on Instagram: the strategy?

The contents are important and with the tools I have just pointed out to you, you will soon be a real Instagram Stories artist. But quality alone is not enough. And it is for this reason that it is essential to study an articulated strategy to increase the views of the stories on your Instagram profile.

Publication frequency

If you have ended up in this article, it means that you are not satisfied with the views of your stories. Notwithstanding that each profile has its own dynamics, the first aspect to focus on is the publication frequency.

If you are already struggling to reach an acceptable number of views, first of all I suggest you avoid an excessive publication frequency, with more stories within 24 hours. At least until you have captured the attention of your audience, it is better to publish one story a day consistently and make sure to target the greatest number of views on that single piece of content.

A very important aspect. Instagram places a lot of importance on the first story of the day. It will be the one to act as a flywheel, or to drastically reduce the visibility of all subsequent ones, if you have decided to publish more than once a day.

Also in this case frequency and times of publication play an important role in your editorial plan. If you want to learn more about the topics, I suggest you read one of the latest articles I published on the blog where I tell you what time to publish on Instagram.

Which format to use for your stories

Photos or videos: what is the best format for your Instagram Stories? If you are asking yourself this question I assume that you have not read one of the latest articles published on the blog. In that post I explained how to end up in explore on Instagram. One of the primary aspects I was focusing on was the importance of videos (associated with Power Like). Here, even for the stories the concept does not change. Videos create much more engagement than photos, which is why I suggest you take advantage of this format.

The reason is very simple. Instagram’s algorithm monitors user behavior. If your goal is to increase the number of views on the Stories you will have to be able to keep your followers until the end of your short story. In this respect, the videos beat the images hands down.

The interaction behind it all

Interaction is the basis of any successful strategy on social networks. This rule also applies to Instagram and works great for Stories too.

Quite simply, what I suggest you do is view and perhaps interact with as many stories as possible near the publication of your Story.

This simple interaction will produce a noticeable increase in a very short time. It will also be an excellent opportunity to draw inspiration from the work of your followers, which are usually also your points of reference on Instagram.

Take advantage of all the features

Instagram provides you with a lot of features to enrich your Stories. You will find them in the menu on the top right. Add text to invite users to take action.

The interaction with the story is another fundamental factor that Instagram takes into consideration. A great tool is polls. Don’t forget to enter the place where the content was made and the main hashtags.

These are all elements that will allow your story to gain more visibility. With a bit of luck, you could end up in the popular section for a particular location or hashtag. This way your Stories will be visible to a much wider audience.

Instagram Stories tricks? You are satisfied

A trick that many instagrammers use to increase the visibility of their stories is to create a group of about ten hashtags and shrink it in such a way as to make it practically invisible. In this case you will simply have to add hashtag before the hashtag you intend to use and repeat the operation as many times as you want. Be careful, don’t overdo it!  Personally, I never go over 10 hidden hashtags.

Live + Stories: an explosive combination

Last but not least we have arrived at the most effective strategy to increase the views of your Stories on Instagram. After carrying out several tests on my profiles and on those of our customers, we found that the combination of live + stories can allow them to end up in the most important section of the Instagram feed. When you open the app you will notice that there are 5 featured stories at the top. A space is for you and therefore it does not count. The other four are the most important because they are the ones your followers will see.

To climb the peak and reach that privileged position, it is essential to combine the stories with the publication of Live. You can do it at the same time, or you can adopt my same technique. The strategy is very simple and consists in creating a live and shortly after a Story that summarizes the previously posted live content.

How to increase the views of the stories conclusions?

BuyGreeceFollowers have come to the end of this guide dedicated to Instagram Stories. Now you know exactly what to do to increase the views on your profile.

  1. First, work on the content and use the applications I told you about. Unfold is definitely the best application to create original and captivating stories.
  2. Choose a constant but not too frequent publication frequency. To start a story a day is more than enough.
  3. Always prefer the video format to photos. Videos generate many more interactions and Instagram tends to reward them not only in stories but also in explores, in global research.
  4. Interact with the community. Before and after publishing, view and interact with as many stories as possible.
  5. Take advantage of all the functions that Instagram makes available to you. Especially the polls.
  6. Use the trick I revealed to you to add more hashtags. Don’t abuse this strategy if you don’t want it to backfire.
  7. Increase the views of your stories by combining the publication of the latter with those of the live ones. This way you will have a better chance of ending up in the featured stories in your followers’ feed.

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