How to install the turbine flow meter?

The industrial processing instruments are used in a wide range of applications and they help in improving the efficiency and productivity of business operations. There are different types of instruments including flow meters, paperless recorders, measurement tools, and panel meters that provide custom features based on industrial requirements. If you are looking to purchase turbine flow meter then you must look for a reliable turbine flow meter manufacturer with an excellent record in the market.

The turbine flow meter is an important industrial processing product that is used to measure vapors, liquids, and gases that flow in the pipes. The turbine flow meter is designed with internal components that are wear resistant and this helps in providing high durability as well as ease of functioning. The fluid that enters the flow meter is conditioned by inlet flow straightener and it helps to reduce turbulence within the fluid.

The operational fluid leads to the spinning of rotor which is proportional to the flow rate. As the rotor blades go through magnetic field, it leads to the generation of electric field. The signal of the pulse train is used to monitor actual flow rate of the fluids or total quantity of fluid that has gone through the flow meter. The electronic pulses that are generated per unit volume is known as K-factor. All flow meters are calibrated for finding distinct k-factor that comes with flow meter at purchase.  

Installing turbine flow meter

For the installation of the flow meter from, you must check for the presence of foreign materials and ensure that there is a free spinning of the motor. All the fluid lines that go upstream should be cleared of the debris. You must also ensure that the lines are free of any pressure before installation of the flow meter in the existing setup. The flow meter should be installed having the arrow of flow direction pointing towards the flow of fluid. This arrow can be located on the side of flow meter.

The flow meter can basically work in any orientation however the meter should be installed in horizontal position for optimum results. You must filter the fluid which is to be measured. The preferred setup for plumbing is the one that contains the bypass line. This allows the inspection of meter and repairs without causing any interruption to the flow. It also provides the capability to cycle fluid across the system before it is diverted in the flow meter.

Silver Instruments is one of the most trusted names in the market when it comes to industrial processing instruments such as turbine flow meters. The company has a wide range of turbine flow meters listed on the website that can be purchased online.

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