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How To Keep Your Vacation Rental Safe When You Are Not Available There?

Are you an owner of a property that is a vacation rental? It might be very challenging to keep up with all its maintenance all around the year. Especially when you are not around, this responsibility may seem as heavy as a mountain! What to do in that case? Safety is most important, and hiring someone who can be physically present instead of you is a great option. But, can you leave the entire property to a stranger? Be rest assured because below are several tips that will keep your vacation rental safe in your absence. Let’s begin!

Keep Up Alarms: What type of alarms do you have on your premises? Is it the fire alarm? Well, that is a lifesaver if they work properly (not many do). Assign someone who can replace their batteries often to ensure the safety of the property. Also, you can install intruder alarms that will alert you on your phone and others (if possible, the authorities too!) in the locality with its huge sound. By installing such alarms and making some additions and alterations here and there, you can turn any of your property into a rental one without much ado!

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Plumbing Check: You know the nightmare a leaky faucet can give! It is better to be assured of all plumbing connections before leaving the property. Get a professional check and keep your house ready for the upcoming season. Damaged pipes and water damage can also ruin the appearance and functionality of your rental property.

Maintain The Look: Is your property not occupied at the moment? Well, not to worry! You can spend this time revamping it, hire a gardener or a painter who can work on the house’s exteriors to retain its appearance. And guess what? All of this can be done in your absence! Talk to a neighbor you trust – they can keep an eye on when nobody is there.

Use Technology: CCTV is a fantastic boon by technology. Install them all around your property and be tension free to leave it alone. No matter where you are, take a look at your smartphone and inspect the property at your convenience. Ensure that you don’t install cameras in tricky places (restrooms!) as we don’t want the guest to feel insecure.

Invest In Front Door: Front door is the general route for entries and exits. So, why not invest in one that ensures safety and is strong enough to stand? Well, that can be a good idea! How about investing multiple locks on the door? It’s a task to remember all the keys. Installing a smart lock at the front door is another alternative as it works on code and isn’t easy to open by strangers.

Low Online Profiling: As an owner, you may want to advertise your rental on social media and several websites – which is fair! But do you know this can haunt you later? It is easy for burglars and robbers to inspect the property online and plan a theft in your absence. Does it look scary to promote online? We can provide you with a solution if you have vacation rentals in Sandpoint, Idaho. Contact They will not only advertise your property online and will bring your reliable renters, but their rental manager will look after your property consistently. They will do everything ranging from maintenance to local inspections. So be rest assured and hand over your property wherein you can get positive publicity along with safety!

Hire A Security Guard: The physical presence of the security guard is enough to keep away the nuisance. For instance, someone planning to enter the property will be cautious when they see a security guard around. A security guard in your absence will be a gatekeeper to your property and can notify you about every detail. Isn’t it an excellent option to hire one?

Did you see, managing a vacation rental remotely isn’t that tedious! Think of all big investors who stay abroad and rent their property to someone else. If they can do it, so can you! Just be sure of the check-in-out of the guests so that you have a track of everything. Establish all connections with your property via smartphone to make everything available to you at your fingertips!

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