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How to Make Melbourne Wedding Planning Easier—on Budgets AND Stress Levels

It’s supposed to be the most beautiful day of your lives. The wedding day. 

But let’s be honest. Some couples have horror stories about their Big Day. How do you avoid it for your Melbourne wedding? Is it even possible when at the mercy of local vendors who are just out to make a buck? From picking a photographer to using services for flower delivery Melbourne brides can make it much easier on themselves. Here are our top tips on the matter.  

Share Responsibilities

Many would say it’s the bride’s day, but you’ll be wise to share the responsibilities of the day with your future spouse. After all, you’re going to do life together. Why not start working together before the wedding already? 

Asking the groom’s input will ensure the day contains personal details you both appreciate. Also, the bride will be a little less tense when she doesn’t have to think of EVERYTHING.

Go for Personal, Rather than Pinterest

Now that you’re both ready to organise the day, sit down and talk about your ideas, expectations and unique details you want to incorporate. Ask questions like:

  • What colours, flowers or themes carry special meaning?
  • Is there a type of music you both love?
  • When do you feel most comfortable—surrounded by close friends and family, or a big crowd of people? This can help you decide between a small and a big wedding.

Using these facts as a starting point will make the day special for you, instead of looking like a copy of an event showcased in a magazine. They may seem impressive, but aren’t necessarily memorable. 

Once you have your list of personal preferences, only then start Googling and creating your Pinterest boards. Whatever you pick should accommodate what both of you want to see on the day. 

Keep Travel to a Minimum

A destination wedding is a romantic notion, but comes with many risks. Your closest friends may not have the budget to travel so far, or you’ll have to schedule the ceremony later to allow time for everyone’s arrival. Also, getting items like a cake and flowers to a remote setting can be problematic. Rather keep it simple, so you can enjoy the day instead of worry if it will all come together. 

Hire Pros Where it Matters

Of course, there are certain expenses where it’s worth spending a few extra dollars. Some vendors can make or break the day! Employing the best will make the day simpler, more successful and enjoyable. You may decide to spend a little less on décor, but prioritise the following in your budget:

  • Barmen and waiters: They determine how quickly guests are served and therefore help to manage the atmosphere and the guests’ experience of the day. 
  • Bands or DJs: Music also determines the day’s atmosphere and good vendors know which tracks help people relax and enjoy themselves. 
  • Photographer: Your photos will be what you have when the day is over. Use an expert photographer that captures the essence of you as a couple and the day. And a professional won’t accidentally delete your images!
  • Wedding planner: Keep stress to a minimum by delegating some tasks to a wedding planner. 

Order In Wedding Style! Get Things Automated and Delivered

You live in the 21st century so make use of the many resources technology can provide. Especially in a major city like Melbourne, there’s so much to use to your benefit:

  • Use apps to keep track of your to do list, so you can share them with others
  • Instead of driving around Melbourne collecting everything for the wedding, make use of delivery services like dried flower bouquet delivery in Melbourne. Everything from your flowers to the cake can reach the venue while you focus on relaxing and looking your best.
  • Do a gift registry online. You can browse at leisure, even after hours, without shop assistants bothering you with advice. 

After the Ceremony—Repurpose at the Reception 

Think of everything you’re using during the ceremony—flowers, candles, ribbons. What happens to all of that when you’ve said ‘I do’? Instead of it ending up in the garbage right after, why not use it at your reception too? For example, flowers at the front of the ceremony can quickly be moved to decorate the couple’s table at the reception. 

This unique way of upcycling will save you a lot of money and make it easy to continue the exact same theme throughout the day.

Pick a Pretty Venue

You want stunning photographs of the day and while the focus will be you two, you also need a stunning background. So, when you’re comparing venues, consider the aesthetics of each one, inside and outside the buildings. If there are beautiful trees or interesting architecture, you have the key to great wedding pics, without having to travel elsewhere or spend money on décor. 

Smile for the Camera!

At the end of the day, your wedding should be a day you remember with fondness. If you can keep stress to a minimum the photographer won’t even have to prompt you to smile. You won’t be able to stop grinning. So do yourselves a favour and do your wedding the easy way!

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