How to Make the Most of Online Reviews Through Web Design

If you ask if you can rely on an online review, consider that about 93% of individuals believe online reviews to be a symbol of trustworthiness.

It explains that customers will always continue to rely on reviews before choosing products or services from a company. So, creating reviews for your brand is always a practical approach to ensure enhanced customer engagement. 

Even though you may successfully create trustworthy reviews for your products and services, showcasing them to your potential prospects will be different. You won’t be able to win the trust of your customers if you display reviews as some promotional campaign. They hate such a sort of promotion. It is where an Indian best website design company comes into play.

Here we will get you through some of the most influential and trusted tips on making the most of your online reviews through an effective web design.

 An innovative approach to showcasing your online reviews

Be sure you maintain a balance while sharing your online reviews with the audience. You have to be mindful and create a strategy that will allow you to showcase the social proof you will receive for your services while also promoting them. Feel lucky as an innovative web design will accomplish this goal.

  • Client testimonials

Client testimonials are among the most common and renowned online reviews that we get to see. These reviews are quotes from your previous clients that share their experience with your products and services. Since these reviews display mostly the positive experience about your brand, they serve as the primary source of reviews to share,

Make sure you use authentic client reviews only, as fake client reviews can risk losing potential clients and those clients that are already your current customer base. Include these features in your design while sharing testimonials.

  1. A photo of your clients
  2. Role and position of the client
  3. Link to a case study of their project
  • Client highlights

Sharing client highlights is another practical approach that you can incorporate into your web design. A client highlight includes a personal story of customer experiences with your products and services. These reviews are shared in a video displaying an interview with the client providing a more personal touch.

  • Review badges

Review badges serve as the least promotional way to share reviews on your website. Add a review badge to your website that links to review sharing sites such as Yelp, Better Business Bureau (BBB), or Google. You will be provided with the ability to customize the badges’ design to suit the aesthetic of your website as you will use badges to link them to the review sites.

  • Featured reviews

link client’s website using schema makeup tool to elevate the impact of an online review. This approach will improve your reviews’ visibility and make it easier to crawl and index them. They will show on search engine result pages every time your site appears on the google search results.

In the summary 

By implementing a balanced approach that will allow you to highlight your positive reviews while maintaining authenticity, you will get the most out of your online reviews.

When looking for the Indian Best Website Design Company that can successfully help you showcase your online reviews with a strategic and interactive web design, rely on Web Design Discovery services. You will showcase your online reviews and obtain maximum exposure strategically.

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